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A ban on buying…


While the plumber was here today, I started sorting through my stash of nail polishes and sample-sized beauty products… to find a crapload of each and to reach this decision…

Nail polished
A small segment of my hoarding

I will not buy any more nail polish or makeup or other ‘beauty’ products (cleansers, moisturisers etc) for the rest of the year.

I have one exception – I will need more foundation, and I’ll get that when I’m next out and about. Especially for party season fast approaching!

You will also see one bonus of my realisation – many colours of polish over the next 3 months will make appearances on my fingernails and toes! :D

Rimmel 610 Pompous

(I also won’t stop trying to GET more sample-sized products! Just no more “free with puchase” ones)

Bloggers Without Makeup

I probably wear makeup about once a fortnight when I’m heading out for dinner and/or drinks, so you’ll usually see me without makeup on this blog, but why not join in the fun of Bloggers without Makeup? :p

Bloggers without Makeup

I’m in the Uni library, on the final day of my semester, writing an essay about modifying a LOTE curriculum to make the language learning of a girl with Asperger’s disorder more successful. It’s an interesting topic, and does not require makeup (though it does require coffee!)

Nearly there!

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