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Review of Disability Employment Services

So, the DSS is currently looking into the good and the bad and the possible future when it comes to Disability Employment Services…. I went to the Newcastle forum today for consumers and carers. I have to say, I felt a lot like the odd one out (only recently becoming a DES client, and “only”…

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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

I really don’t feel like writing today, so here’s something I copied from Lifeline: 3 Steps You Can Take to Help Prevent Suicide 1) Ask The biggest misconception about suicide is that you shouldn’t talk about it. In fact the reverse is true. Asking someone directly “Are you thinking about suicide?” will actually decrease their…

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Doing well ‘considering’

Had a GP appointment today, to renew one of my scripts for my head-stuff. A doctor I’d seen once before. For some reason I do better with the younger male doctors rather than any other group. I rarely feel under the microscope. Like I can talk fairly freely without feeling like I’m waiting for a…

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Weary, but Ok

I woke up well enough. With my alarm, 6am, out of bed for a walk. The sleepiness set back in after that, battled off with trusty caffeine. Which sent me buzzing a mile a minute. Churning through visuals, making up feelings boards, supports for Where is the Green Sheep?, flap visuals for Where’s Spot? Making…

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