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Chocolate Almond Breeze Milk (with bunny ears and video)

2013marchapril 416

Just before easter, I received a parcel with some cute blue bunny ears in it. There was also some nuts… and a carton of the new chocolate almond breeze. I think this is the part of the box they really wanted me to write about.

2013marchapril 436

So, here were go.

Apparently it’s got 48 calories per serve???? (of course, check the nutrition panel on the side, and it says 120 calories per serve, which is 250mL. LIARS). Ah that makes more sense given how sweet it tastes (48 calories is a meagre 100 mL serve)
Girl. Read the reading tlist they send you with these things. All the new boxes will have the proper serving sizes marked (250mL) for Aussie consumers. :)

How does it taste? Sweet. Like chocolate yogo (actually more like snakpak!!) Just like chocolate milk without the taste of dairy. Yes, I’d drink it, but probably needs to be really cold to be best (perhaps served with ice?)

Soy, Rice or Oat?

I recently went off dairy. It started with chocolate, as I made an immediate connection between it going in my mouth and about 20-30mins not having a happy stomach at all. Then all other things yummy and creamy were slowly dropped until I think I can have a small amount of dairy in something (like the small amount of condensed milk in the creamed rice Rish made last night, and I had for breakfast today!) but really don’t want to push it.

Dairy Products

So, a couple of weeks ago, Vitasoy longlifes were on special, so I thought, okay, I’ll get one each of the lite soy, their oat milk and the rice milk… and see how they go on my Weetbix!

Week 1 (it take me about a week to get through a litre of milk. Sue me :p) we the soy. I know this was bearable, and I think I like the lite a lot more than the regular… haven’t done a direct comparison between it and So Good though…

Week 2 I did the rice milk…. ew! I should have just used water! The taps would have given it more taste. It soaked into my weetbix strangely… I’m exactly sure how to describe it… I think it was just like water though…

Week 3 oat milk… this was nice and creamy… too a lot though to make my Weetbix soggy enough but not too soggy!

So, yeah, sticking with the Lite Vitasoy for now… good thing too, because Rish seems happy enough with its taste in his cooking (sago one night, and the creamed rice another)… not that this is necessarily good for my waist line :p

Can you stand the taste of soy milk?

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