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Pad Thai – Taken Away from Thai on Sky, Mortdale

Went to Thai on Sky for a work farewell dinner. I was only ever going to stay until seven, so when everyone started showing up after 6:30, when I’d been there since six on the dot, I was slightly over it, so no wonder I wasn’t overly fussed on my $14 pad thai :\

Thai on Sky, Mortdale

Too… mushy.

Oh well. It lasted me through the long train trip up to Cardiff. Where I wasn’t mugged by bananas. Ahh, Newcastle.

Starting the Move


Feeling like a bit of a jailer after collecting my keys to the flat I’m renting a room in in Sydney yesterday…

Currently, I’m surrounding in boxes. Slowly packing more stuff, after taking half my things to Sydney yesterday.

My new room:

New room

New room

My flatmate’s boyfriend will put the bed up before I move in properly on the weekend.

I didn’t just move boxes, I also tried a local coffee shop yesterday – Buzz at Mortdale. A funny little place with a Subway, video store, coffee shop and playpen:

Buzz Mortdale

Buzz Mortdale

Oh I feel so welcome :p


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