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Calling out “quackery”

Movember Launch

So, today I attended a lunch time webinar – *Special Event Supporting Movember* Reclaim Your Body, Your Energy and Your Life, because my professional assosciation had been given a bunch of free reqistrations, and I thought, why not? I have time and like learning things!

It was offered to a number of assosciations who use the CPD Live platform for their online CPD events, including Financial Planning Australia and The Institute of Public Accountants. This is the link from the main CPD Live homepage. when I checked, there were 71 attendees taking 90 minute of their time, hoping to learn more about their health.

The Blurb:

Session Overview

You can take some very small steps that will become giant strides toward exceptional health, wellbeing and vitality. Disease is not an accident. You can be abundantly healthy, energetic and alive.

Join exercise physiologist and gifted educator John Toomey for a Nuts and Bolts Education forum as he shares with you just how easy it is to take those small steps.

Why do you yawn at 10:30 in the morning?

Why do you sometimes struggle through the afternoon?

How is it that you struggle to get motivated to exercise?

Why is your cholesterol high and what does that even mean?

Little, if any of this is genetic. You can, with some simple changes, create extraordinary changes in your health, sense of wellbeing and your energy levels. You can slash your risk of disease and put all of your attention on creating a great life, never worrying about what might take you out.

Come on in and get some cool tools to rebuild your life.

What you will learn:

The causes of lethargy, fatigue and low motivation
What really causes heart disease and cancer
How to make small changes to have a massive impact
How to quickly get rid of snoring, sleep apnoea, gastric reflux, night sweats and fatigue.
How to quickly and effectively lose weight.

Who should attend:
Anyone who is male, who employs or manages males, or who is perhaps married to or cares about a male.

The presenter, John Toomey was described as
“Exercise Physiologist, Gifted Educator and Communicator
Global Wellness”

The Wellness part should have given me alarm bells, but I took it all in good faith.

The seminar started innocently enough, telling us all to drink more water to help combat lethargy,

Then he brought up a slide about swimming pools.

Yep, you know what this is going.

Some talk about pH, and then launches into the benefits of going alkaline and testing the pH of our urine to know if our blood was going right, and yeah….

I flicked up a couple of links into the chat box about alkaline diets – Skeptic’s Dictionary (which drew the comment “oh there will always be skeptics you have to make up your own mind”), SkepticGirl and, yeah I know, Wikipedia.

He promised us a copy of his ebook … which included a lovely alkalising foods chart which you can google. I didn’tmake it that far, so I can’t share that I’m sorry.

Determined to hear him out, I stuck with the talking for another 15 mins or so.

Until he cited all that stuff that was deemed biased in the now pulled Catalyst program on Lipitor and other anticholesterol medications.

The program focused heavily on the opinions of US experts – one of whom believes vaccines can cause autism and another who promotes chiropractic and chelation for heart problems – while a number of high-profile Australian experts were not used.
One, the University of Sydney head of cardiology, David Celermajer, told Fairfax Media he felt only the evidence that supported the agenda of the program was included.

Read more:

John stopped himself from telling people to stop them…. pretty much by saying I shouldn’t tell you to stop them, but you should go to your doctor and tell them they don’t work.

This is when I basically had to call it a day. I was getting riled up, it was a million degrees outside and I had better things to do. I wish I’d remembered that it was the catalyst program that I was thinking of before I signed off, to share that info with the other participants, but I didn’t, and that’s that.

Straight after I signed off, I made a slightly snarky comment on the Speech Pathology Australia chat board that I’d gotten the original sign up link from, saying it was quackery and misleading and I was disappointed. Slight regret at my working, but it was true how I felt! Obviously it wasn’t a SPA event, and they were quick to point that out, and to inform me that they will only be using their own speakers in that medium form now on, or ones they know the content of. Which pleased me greatly :)

I’m all for people eating healthy and making inquiries and questioning what’s the best medicine for them, but not for them to be misled by someone claiming expertise in an area and gussying it up as some sort of favour for Movember. Movember which does such great work at supporting research and education on Men’s Health matters and mental health.

End rant?

For now ;)

Movember Launch

Movember Launch
Living the dream

Thanks to Nuffnang, I got an invite to the Sydney Movember Launch at the Beresford last night.

Movember Launch

Not deterred by not knowing a soul, I wore my favourite heels and rocked up to random people and said “Hi!”

Awesome shoes and tights

Movember Launch
The band was wonderful

Movember Launch
The bar very funky

Movember Launch
I met George Clooney

Movember Launch
And left with my goodie bag.

Photos courtesy my trial Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

At the photobooth with JJ from 84th and 3rd at the end of the night!

The end of the Mo

Would you go to bed with this man?Now I don’t have any of last night’s Movember Gala Partae photos avaiable to me yet (There were gold chains and chest hair galore on Rish the mega-sleaze, and I skanked it up in my schoolgirl outfit that I pull together… scary thing for both of us is that all the clothes we were were not costume pieces, rather things that are general parts of our wardrobe. Just not always together), but I can tell you that I was very impressed with the facial hair of Canberra, and the effort everyone put into costumes and for their fundraising for Beyond Blue Depression Initiative and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

There are some other photos up so far from Adelaide, Brisbane, and even the Canadian Movember Galas here, and the Canberra ones are sure to shortly follow!

I also can’t believe it’s the end of November! t’s December tomorrow! That means- summer! the Christmas tress goes up! I must write my Chrissy cards in earnest! and various other things and thoughts like – Only 3 more weeks of work! (and, seriously, does week ten of term REALLY count? I don’t think so!) I think I’ll do a December First Daily Grind – If I remember to charge my camera battery and to take it everywhere with me :)

Omega 3, here I come!

Just sitting here, checking my email, and snacking away on a salmon and tomato sandwich. Remembering how much I love canned fish such and tuna and salmon, and how I used to live on tuna or salmon sandwhiches as a kid. With the snackfood of a bowl of lettuce with lemon juice for a snack. Those crazy kids!

Speaking of snackery – I just saw an ad for Cadbury “Singles”… 99 delicious calories of chocolate for the rrp of 99 cents! Not being a good one for having “just one” piece, or saving some for later, this is an awesome idea :) (and if you add in the “just one calorie” in diet coke, you have yourself an awfully un-nutritious but stress-easing 100 calorie snack :p)

My back’s all sticky when I removed the waterproof dressing from over my stitches. The stitches look like a little spider has been squashed onto my shoulder… but they’re feeling alright, though I might cover it again tonight… Especially if I colour my hair, wich I’m thinking of again… but really… I don’t know if I can be bothered… the weekend could be better to turn the bathroom purple! :)

Oh, and because I am extremely glad there are only two days remaining of Movember:
He thinks he looks like gomez adams….
If you’re on facebook, there are more wonderful photos of Rish for movember in his Movember Group…

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