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Starting the Move


Feeling like a bit of a jailer after collecting my keys to the flat I’m renting a room in in Sydney yesterday…

Currently, I’m surrounding in boxes. Slowly packing more stuff, after taking half my things to Sydney yesterday.

My new room:

New room

New room

My flatmate’s boyfriend will put the bed up before I move in properly on the weekend.

I didn’t just move boxes, I also tried a local coffee shop yesterday – Buzz at Mortdale. A funny little place with a Subway, video store, coffee shop and playpen:

Buzz Mortdale

Buzz Mortdale

Oh I feel so welcome :p


Things I will need to find in Sydney

Babar Civic

  • Find a new place to get my morning coffee. I will be living a few streets from work, which will limit my options to one of two suburban shop areas… I’m going to miss Lava! *sniff*
  • Find a new waxer. Brazilian Butterfly has served me well in Canberra, but alas no Sydney locations! If they do open near me in Sydney, I’ll be in and singing their praises there!
  • Find a gym. Maybe. I’ll also miss the ANU gym and their low low prices!
  • Find a number of places with a non-eggy vego breaky I can have with gluten free toast. Or let me do my usual, GF toast, tomato, avocado and BACON
  • Find the best soy latte in the Hurstville area
  • Find some weekend markets that I can wander through and sample things at ;)

What else should I add?

Any suggestions of answers?

I’ll just need to become THE source for Penshurst ;)

Not that she’s counting

Trilogy Woden
Soy latte at Trilogy, Woden

More clearing. Ebaying some things if you wanna peek, or make a bid. More in the recycling, more in the bin.

At lunch time I said, when asked how much longer “9 and a half days left at work. Not that I’m counting”.

Not that I’m counting while I write my last reports.

Call families to check in.

Send letters to discharge those who haven’t called.

Filing things from way too long ago.

In 3 weeks I’ll be 1 day into my new job.

Numbers make sense.


ANU Aspergers group

13 days left of work.

I have so much to do.

But I have a new job (and a crapload of forms to sign)

And I have a place to live (a few streets from work!)

And there’s a farewell dinner been organised.

So it must be happening.

Now, I just need to make many many lists and start doing to the things on them.

13 more work days.

(and 12 more days of being 28).

Yes. I finish work on my Birthday.

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