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Mum’s Birthday Breakfast @ Hippo Espresso, Warners Bay

Mum's Birthday - Hippo Warners Bay
Choc Pancakes

Charged with the responsibility of making a decision about what to do for Mum’s birthday (which fell ON the Queen’s Birthday holiday this year) I detoured via Hippo Espresso on my morning walk that day, in the bucketing rain, to pop my head in and make a booking at the most child-friendly cafe I’ve been to in Newcastle.

Mum's Birthday - Hippo Warners Bay

Hippo doesn’t have the best reputation for speedy service, and ordering at the counter is a pain, but if you have toddlers or other aged kids in tow they have a play area up the back, complete with decent blocks and books, and the waitstaff are extremely understanding of spilled drinks and half-eaten sugar packets. Liam had a grand time running around the cafe, meeting and greeting new friends.

Mum's Birthday - Hippo Warners Bay

Mum wondered if she was allowed to have pancakes with ice cream and chocolate topping. It’s your birthday! Of COURSE you can have pancake with ice cream and chocolate topping. In fact I insist! (my sister also had them)

Mum's Birthday - Hippo Warners Bay

Corn and ricotta cakes for me, with truss tomatoes and pesto. Yum! Oh yes, and bacon.

Mum's Birthday - Hippo Warners Bay

The Hippo Omelette for Dad. No hippos in it though :(

Mum's Birthday - Hippo Warners Bay

And Banana bread for Rish to satisfy.

Happy Birthday Mum!

Mum's Birthday - Hippo Warners Bay

Less than 24 hours

So in 21 hours I should be boarding the plane.

Yes, a little more than excited *heh*

(Wishing I was in Boon, though…)

I was just sitting down with Mum, going through the photos from her European trips. I think it was making her a little sad, thinking that sha has travelled so little since she’s been married. i remember as a kid, we had three family holidays. One was in year one, to Victoria to visit my Grandfather down there, then year three to the Gold Coast, then again up to Brissie and the Gold Coast in year 11. Mum hasn’t really gotten away an more than that in that time, and since then has had a couple of Syndey and Melbourne long weekends, but not much at all. So, being me, I’m trying to psych her into planning a 2010 trip to Europe, a 30th anniversary of the trip we were just looking at. With new, unfading photos. (and a few more kilos – she was so skinny back then!)

I’m packed, except my toiletries. I have a new bigger memory card for my camera – which i need to charge tonight so I can take dorky photos of my air plane meals and other ccrap. Postcards look so much better than what I can take, so i’ll send you them instead :p

What else to do? Not really sure… sort out what i’d like to watch on the flight – there’s a huge selection :) My plan is to watch movies til Bangkok, then sleep in the BKK to Dubai leg a bit more (at least a few hours!) We’ll see how I go. I got a text message from Rish, arrived safely and very grateful for his sleeping pills – I want!

Will leave here at aout midday to head to the airport – aim is to get a good night’s sleep :) And to remember everything I need! *bounce*

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