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Tim Minchin’s Bitch


See? He owns us now!


Aside from owning us by playing my faves…. Thank you so much for the estranged HS friend who gave me the tickets cos he couldn’t make it. We LOVED it. And I know I pay back music karma with tix – with Garbage and Amanda Palmner gig/s…….


And yes, I loved Woody Allen Jesus


White wine in the sun…… I cried to that one….

Fuckin’ encores!


Looking at the ground

An overnight trip up the coast for a 25th “lezziversary”

An awesome side of the road find (see above)

Another interview tomorrow. Blech.

Sleep please?


  1. Today :: Tonight
  2. Lips :: sealed
  3. Seethe :: Seether is neither loose nor tight
  4. Desired :: lusted
  5. Patrol :: boat
  6. Nails :: coffin
  7. Pastry :: coffee
  8. Jacket :: potato
  9. Button :: nose
  10. Feel :: sad
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