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It’s PINK and scented – Raspberry Rapture

Maybe 2 years ago now? Maybe last year, Revlon had a three pack of spring nail polishes, a pink rapberry one, a bluey sparkly blueberry and another purply one. These have, of course, spent most of their life in the box of miscellaneous beauty crap I have next to the bed. Told ya they’d slowly…

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Confessions of a (Bogan) Speech Pathologist [yes, I’m from Tronno, and some days it shows]

Graffiti at the Holder shops There are days when: After an afternoon at dropin, where I may have been trying to correct lisps all afternoon, my mouth gets tired, and I lisp a little myself. That’s if I haven’t lost my voice by that time because I’m crappy with looking after my own voice, and…

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