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Lunch Out Loud to support those with Perinatal Anxiety and Depression #bePNDaware (The Bach Eatery, Newtown)

#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown

I went to a fabulous long lunch at The Bach Eatery in Newtown. The event was for the start of PNDA (Perinatal Depression and Anxiety) Awareness Week (November 15-21). Ten ladies lunching over the “Trust the Chef” menu ($45/head or $55 with dessert), listening to some amazing women who have been through anxiety and depression brought on by, or exacerbated by, the birth of their children.


#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
Freshly Shucked Sydney Rock Oysters & NZ Cloudy Bay Clams w/Chardonnay Vinegar

#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
Pino’s Charcuterie tasting plate

#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
Cuttlefish, peperonata, squid ink dressing

#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
Salt Cod Croquettes w/ Kaitaia Fire Mayo

You may have noticed that this year there has been a name change to Perinatal Anxiety and Depression (PNDA) Awareness Week. This change is in response to the importance of including two words:

Perinatal – Supporting parents’ mental health throughout the perinatal period (during pregnancy and after birth). We need to consider a parent’s wellbeing across this continuum, rather than viewing these periods as separate.
Anxiety – Now believed to be just as, if not more, common than depression. Symptoms of anxiety vary, however they can be just as debilitating as depression

The stories I heard yesterday and from my networks of family and friends have certainly highlighted to be the absolute terror some new parents feel upon the arrival of bub. And the isolation they feel, all the while putting on a “brave” face.


#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
The SHINING star of our dishes – Papparedelle w/wild mushroom ragout & slow cooked egg. I kept going back for more!

#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
Flank Steak w/ homemade “chups” & Red Wine Sauce

#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
16 Hour Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder w/ eggplant, roasted heirloom carrots & mint almonds – So melt in the mouth!

Chatting to the others about what some signs might be that a new mum (or dad) is struggling, Amy pointed out that the words “When did you stop breastfeeding?” from one new mum were often a red flag to say she’s struggling with something. It could just be with the feeding, or the question of when to try a bottle or solids, but it can also flag deeper issues around how Mum and bub are travelling.


#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
Kiplers & Kumara w/ fried chili, garlic and Rosemary

#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
(Super Crunchy!!) Iceberg Wedge w/ Bach Dressing

PANDA is channeling Winnie-the-Pooh this year…


And encouraging family and friends to check in with the new mums and dads in their lives, getting them out of the house, having a meal or a coffee, and a chat.

But also to host a “Lunch Out Loud” to raise funds and awareness to support people with Perinatal Anxiety and/or Depression. Information and ideas to host your won Lunch Out Loud are available here :)

Five easy steps to enjoying your Lunch Out Loud
1. Set the date- PNDA Awareness week is officially from Nov 15-21, however you can hold your event anytime during November and December.
2. Invite guests- Invite as many people as your venue can handle- at home, in a restaurant/café or at work.
3. Use social media- Facebook is a great way to promote and plan your Lunch Out Loud. Set up and event page, invite your guests and keep them updated in preparation for your event.
4. Collect funds- you can accept donations, hold a raffle, charge an entry donation, hold a bake sale- the possibilities are endless!
5. Most importantly, have FUN – At PANDA we hear every day that parenthood is tough; friendship and support are a great first step in this unique journey.


#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
Hokey pokey brulee (OMG. GET THIS!)

#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
Pavlova in a glass

#bePNDaware Lunch out Loud at Bach Eatery Newtown
“Jelly Tip” w/ white chocolate mousse

Funds raised from Lunch Out Loud support PANDA, which offers counseling through a free National Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Helpline, information, and referral services with ongoing telephone support for families throughout Australia.

PANDA’s Helpline: 1300 726 306 (operates Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm EST).
Lifeline: 13 11 14

31 – a rolling celebration of eating, drinking and being merry


I actually don’t have too many photos from my birthday celebrations, as I had a number of late nights, where my phone battery died before meal or home time. I can say it’a been a lovely week of turning 31, and surrounding myself with people who are awesomeness.


Let’s start with a couple of days before, my dear chronically Femme Bronwyn was selling her Galaxy Tab….. and since I couldn’t find a reason not to (aside from my current financial situation) I bought it from her. She offered me Gin and Tonic, and a pillow unicorn as sweeteners to the deal…


Couple of days before my birthday, I had some plans fall through, so ended up watching Seven Psychopaths with Mic, and going out for a lovely brekkie at Chaddies in New Lambton Sunday morning.

Chaddies french toast with bacon

Chaddies big breakfas

Next was the Newtown Drinks version of my birthday – Drinks on the roof at Zanzibar, till it got too cold and we had to shift inside to the deer hunter room with the pool tables.

big buck hunter

vodka and soda

Somewhere in there, Neko started reading to us, and demanding we head for Thai for dinner.

te hana

I did question where one was to actually find a Thai restaurant in Newtown, because there is NOWHERE to get Thai, or frozen yoghurt for that matter, on King Street ;)

neko reads

entree newtown thai

Six of us ended up at Newtown Thai, selected the basis of them being quiet and wouldn’t mind us stuffing around while we waited for a couple of extra, but delightful, boys to show up ;)

hot chip nachos marly

Next stop, the Marly (Marlborough) which has this weird indoor garden, complete with fake grass, remodel thing going on. The above nachos made with hot chips were consumed, and hugs and smiles exchanged.

Sleep was found,a nd my birthday breakfast of a meat pie and diet coke found around midday at Macquarie University train station.

bday breakfast pie and diet coke

Sadly, i left the gift of a Hello Kitty shower cap behind in Macquarie Park, but my habit of leaving things behind just means I need to find time to see people again :)


Where next? Off to Hippo to have coffee and cake with my family and with Bron. The kids ran around like crazy, I got more hello kitty gifts…



Including some of the VERY newly released Hello Kitty for Target underwear!!!


From there, it was off to Schnitzel night at the Warners Bay Hotel…. mine had Nachos!

nacho schnitty

Aside from that, there’s been bikkies from my boss, and <3 arm warmers from Stu... and well as many hugs and general awesomness. bikkies


Thank you to everyone who made turning 31 utterly awesome. xoxox

Cafe Newtown


Caught up with friends for breakfast/lunch/something after waaaay to long (hey they’d been to Korea and the US in meantime!) at Cafe Newtown near the train station.


I had a delish fruit salad, and a coffee of course.


My friends split olive tapende toast with feta and a burger.


So many cafes in Newtown, so little time!

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