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Beef Chow Mein with Fountain “Good Choices” Sauces

This post is for Product Talk by Nuffnang

meat pie with fountain good choices tomato sauce

There’s nothing like a meat pie with tomato sauce. And I’m always happy to try new sauces on my pies and in my dishes, so when it was suggested I try the new Good Choice sauce range from Fountain, I was more than keen. Products with no “added” sugar are all the rage now, and the Fountain Good Choices sauces either have no sugar – like the Gluten free Soy sauce which has 50% less salt than Fountain’s regular soy sauce – or are sweetened by the apple puree and Natvia (which I’m not usually a fan of to sweeten things like drinks or baking, but I couldn’t taste it in these sauces).

Fountain Good Choice Sauces Range

The range includes a Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Sweet Chili, “Hot” Chili (which wasn’t as scary as I thought….) and the Soy Sauce. All are naturally gluten free, and on their own taste quite like their equivalent “normal” range sauces.

So, let’s use them in something!

beef chow mein

A few weeks ago, I made a Beef Chow Mein from my Hello Fresh box, so I thought I’d tweak their recipe a little and use a few of the sauces I was sent, along with what veges were on special at Woolies (which, incidentally, is where you can buy these Fountain sauces online or in store)

Beef chow mein

As pictured, the ingredients are (roughly) as follows – this will serve about 6 people. I went overboard, but the leftovers were appreciated by all, including my cat – see the picture at the bottom of this post!)

200g rice vermicelli noodles
500g lean beef mince
1 red onion – diced
1/4 red cabbage – roughly chopped
1/4 green cabbage – roughly chopped
handful green beans – ends cut off and halved
bunch broccolini – cut into 2 cm pieces
1/2 bunch spring onions – thinly sliced
lashings of canola oil
2 teaspoons Chinese 5 spice
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon minced ginger
4 tablespoons Fountain Good Choices soy sauce
1 tablespoon Fountain Good Choices Hot Chili Sauce (it needed more…. probably 2 for me, 3 for most other people!)
1 tablespoon sesame oil
Fountain Good Choices Sweet chili sauce and soy sauce, to serve

1. Place noodles in a heat-proof bowl with boiled water and some salt for 5 minutes. Drain, rince with cold water, then chop roughly with scissors – set aside for later.

2. Heat a splash of oil over high heat in a large frypan or wok. Add the red onion and begin to fry. Once it starts to soften, add the beef mince, and keep poking with a spatula to separate it out into crumbly bits and it is cooked through. Stir through the 5-spice with a tablespoon of water. Remove the mince mixture from the pan and set aside for later (to save space on the bench and washing up, I just dumped this on top of my resting noodles, along with the chopped spring onions – that way I mixed those three all together before re-adding them to the stir-fried veges later!)

3. Combine the sesame oil, garlic, ginger, hot chili sauce and soy sauce in a mug

4. Heat some more canola oil over mid-high heat (about 7-8) and add in the cabbage, broccolini and beans, toss around a bit in the oil, then pour the sauce mixture from #3 over it. Keep tossing for about5 minutes until the veges are cooked to your liking. Re-add the beef, noodles, and the spring onions and stir to combine.

5. Divide the yummy noodles and veges into serving bowls (be wary, this stuff is filling and you can ALWAYS go beak for more). Serve to your guests with spoon and fork, and offer sweet chili sauce and extra soy sauce for them to add to taste (+/- the hot chili sauce, depending on your audience!)

Enjoy with a lovely glass of red, or a local ale!

Parson's Paddock ShirazMurray's Angry Man Pale Ale

cat eating noodles

Oh, and share with your cat!

Edit: ooooooo so Mum just told me she loves the BBQ sauce – she and Dad had it with Kanga Bangers (Kangeroo Sausages) and she loved it!

Uncle Toby’s Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets

Product Talk by Nuffnang

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets

I was sent a couple of boxes of Uncle Toby’s Quick Oats Sachets via Nuffnang to have a try of and tell you about.

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets
Creamy Honey. With extra sugar cos they weren’t for me

I’ve been eating oats in winter forever. I’ll put it up front, that I prefer just getting plain oats or plain quickoats and doing them in the microwave with milk and (preferably brown) sugar. But since the world is all about convenience, I’ve had these sorts of things sitting in my draw at work for a post gym breakfast or a warm afternoon snack.

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets

So, what do I like about these and their flavours?

I like the built in measuring cup on the sachet! No more guesstimating or rummaging for a certain cup measure to add the milk with. After that you only need to stir and whack it in the microwave for 90 seconds. Easy peasy.

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets

Apple and Cinnamon was my favourite flavour. But then, cinnamon is great, right?

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets

The apple and honey was the boring one… it needed way more apple to be able to notice it under the honey. If I’d had apples on hand, I probbly would have put half an apples worth of slices on it.

Uncle Toby's Oats QuickOats 90-Second Sachets

The raspberry highlights in the last one was a pleasant surprise.

So, how do you cook your oats? Does something easy like this appeal to you?

Just Sayin’ (My Post #NNB2012 debrief)

*waves to anyone who came here because they met me at Blogopolis on Saturday.

You may remember me by such tweets as:

That one got a laugh, and really showed how much I was getting into the first session. Or perhaps it was this one:

Which shows I know my audience well. Drunked, health conscious, and mums.

I found my blogging voice in what I’m passionate about.


Yeah, I got heaps from the first session.

Actually I did get one thing. This Editorial Calendar wordpress plugin. It’s awesome. It’s already stopped me from doubling up on rants around FSMastime as Chocolate Bunny Weekend.

The checklist that was dropped on our tables at the start of the session was awesome, and the advice to ask you guys what you do and don’t like about the layout too. Tell me: what doesn’t work for you? I then spent the rest of the session twitter eaves dropping on the SEO session, and fiddling with my layout. Well spent :)

Media Kit:
Ahh, Lady Melbourne. A blog I don’t read, but still admire. A very practical session for us, thinking about how we engage with brands, and what we need to think about media kit wise. I have some work to do.

Other stuff:
Finding my voice. I think I know my voice better than my niche. I can’t quite commit to food blogging as my only topic on this blog. There’s so much else to rant about!! Sometimes people are wrong on the internet.

The question was asked “why aren’t there many male bloggers” and I chose to try to articulate (at 3pm, with the flu clouds firmly settling in) that there are HEAPS of male bloggers out there. (see my blog roll). they’re just not in Nuffnang’s target group. If NN actually wanted to branch into showing ads on Tech blogs, then I’m sure they’d get more guys in. Then there’s the politics and the business blogs. Many many by men. So much so, that you keep hearing the question in some communities “where are all the women”.

The men are there. Just not in Food, fashion, personal or “mummy”/parenting blogging.

It was brilliant to catch up with everyone again, and finally meet some people, such as Sarah Stokely who I’ve been stalking online FOREVER. Tea galore! And the food was great, but that’s another blog post, for when I’m back in foodie mode. I have been inspired, more by the chats in the corner, and the tiny snippets here and there, and there’s plenty more for me to do blog wise.

In the meantime, what should I do to celebrate this blog’s 10th birthday on September 11?


How many blankets do you need to hand out to the homeless to make up for the gay teenage boy who kills himself because of such social attitudes?

Awoke to the news that the Salvation Army were copping it in the media for reinforcing its stance that homosexuality is an unnatural urge that needs to be suppressed.

Anna Brown, convener of the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, said the charity had also opposed gay marriage at a House of Representatives inquiry.

“Actively campaigning against marriage equality is counter to the principles of compassion and humanity, and these are the very values that motivate most Australians to donate to the Salvation Army,” she said.

“It’s difficult to reconcile how an organisation seeking to alleviate social disadvantage can play a role in perpetuating views … founded in prejudice (that) cause significant harm to the health and wellbeing of gay, lesbian and transgender Australians and their families.”

My immediate thoughts? Aside from this is why churches shouldn’t be responsible for welfare, and it should be government/secular, I was also reminded that one of the current Nuffnang charity ads is selling mobile phone covers for the Salvos, in order to help fund youth services.

I of course, went straight to the social media to have a few words on it.

But two of my friends, Kel and Jen, put it well

From Kel:

Really sad. I wanted to believe they were a charity I could get on board with, but how many blankets do you need to hand out to the homeless to make up for the gay teenage boy who kills himself because of such social attitudes?

And Jen:

A family friend of ours used to manage ‘this way up’, the salvos furniture place that employs disadvantaged people. He had to leave a few years ago because after a change in the salvos leadership it all became less about really helping people in a practical way and more about ‘saving their souls’.

So, to the Nuffnangers out there, I call on you to disable charity ads while they are still running Salvation Army, or similar charities who are so conflicted over what their REAL mission is. And let the Salvos know where you stand.

Happy Monday.

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