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Went to the Brewery to see PNAU last night to bring in new year. Good night – Bumblebeez and Snobscrilla were the supports, both of which I was thinking “I think I’ve heard of them” and knew a few songs of.

PNAU was fun – dancing strawberries and all that… hot and sweaty dancing with guys who I’m sure would have fit in at Cube – shirts off and constantly hoisting one-another onto their shoulders. Hehe.

Fireworks – we saw the 9pm ones from the wharf, the midnight ones were going on through PNAU.

Sweetener? Two free t-shirts! At the end they were throwing things out into the crowd. One went past me and hit the ground, s I picked it up – a canvas bag with pnau printed on it. “I thin there’s a shirt in in” and Rish caught another one :) his, of course, fit him, while mine was too small and I passed it on to a friend later. Shame :p

As soon as they finished, we ditched town, headed back to the lack to a friend’s place. Drank wine, played the Spicks and Specks game which I was rocking at. :) Fun times. Love my school friends!

Happy New Year! :D Bring on 2009! (I think it’s going to be a good year!)

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