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Up & Running Workout #1 – a skip and a jog

@runningonline Workout #1
(Crib notes for the session)

Did my first session of my Up & Running course this evening. And interesting combination which saw me relieve the skipping along the foreshore was over and I could just go back to running ;)

workout #1

Covered 8km using a combination of walking, running, jogging and skipping. Was fun, but will head out a little earlier next time, ended up walking home in the dark! I’ll also wear my newer shoes, not my worn out sad old shoes. They’re okay for walking, but NOT for the running. Felt the impact on my left foot while skipping along!

arm band

Oh and I have to say my new phone arm band (scored off ebay for $8 including postage) is awesome. Even has a sneaky little key pocket. Score!


(ps, my hair is getting really long!)

My awesome (huge) phone – the Samsung Galaxy Note

So, I won this from Mrs Woog with the most inane comment ever:

And I’m, to use the words of Justin Norris, stoked. (Bogan, hey? Yeah, takes one to know one :p)

I don’t use the stylus much, but I love the purrrty screen, and it’s so android and awesome.

And yes, its big, but I carry bags, so I so don’t care. :)

And I’ve been letting people choose their own ringtones… Whatcha reckon for Rish? ;)

I’m still in love with Shirley.

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