If anyone was to kick off the republican debate, it was surely to be because of a move from Tony Abbott…. in this case, bringing back knighthoods!

While I know it is a step back in time, sometimes we need them. To make people think. To make people realise what an outdated institution the British monarchy is, and our part of it being even more backwards!

So, bring back the titles I say.

They will help rouse the awareness of the country…

To how backward we really are.


LNP miniters


Instead I’ll listen to new music from a talented Kiwi.


Abbott doing a Bradbury

I can’t say I particularly like any politicians. And given both the Liberals and Labor are content being boring and not actually having policies aside from “the other people suck”, I’m sure that come September 14, I’ll be there deciding who to put last on my ballot paper, ahead of the Christian Democrats or whatever party Pauline Hanson has conjured up this year.

That being said, I can’t vote for Tony Abbott. Seriously, who can? My best case scenario for this election, since I don’t see Labor getting it together by then :/, will be Abbott losing his seat, and someone else, like Turnbull or Hockey (for amusement value at least) being out next prime minister. Until the coalition then crumbles under similar circumstances to Labor.

In the meantime, The Australian Sex Party and the Greens will be getting my senate votes and first preferences at the local level.

At least Katter isn’t in NSW?
(or maybe he should be, then he wouldn’t be elected)


Yes, we have policies. If you wanna know more, hit me up for a temporary tattoo (yes, WHEREVER you want) between 9:30 and 12:30 at the Newtown Festival today.

See you there?




Anyone BUT Abbott

October 6, 2012 · 1 comment

I NEED this tshirt.

It started in 2010. The bickering, the snide comments, the sniping, the petty tit for tat. It is the kindergarten of Australia’s federal parliament, it is a pathetic excuse for informed debate, and it is our sad political reality. With broken promises and a haphazard approach to policy development, Labor has lost the confidence of the Australian public and they will almost certainly lose the next federal election. Attention shifts to the government that we are likely to get: the Liberal National Coalition.

Many are happy to give them another shot at leadership. On current polling they attract almost half of Australia’s primary vote, and they lead by over 10% on two party preferred. But despite these strong numbers, the current leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, is the leader of choice of around only one in four people. The Coalition appears to be popular in spite of Abbott rather than because of him.

There is good leadership potential in the Coalition. And then there is Tony Abbott.

Abbott is good at whipping up anti-Labor sentiment, getting the shock jocks on side. But when we look beyond his time- wasting censure motions and his opposition to any and all policies put up before the parliament, there is no vision, no strong policy of his own.

Tony Abbott is great at opposition. However, there is a big difference between adopting a small target, campaign of constant negativity and having the policies and strength of character to effectively unify and deliver prosperity to a nation after a period of prolonged divisiveness.

We want to end the negativity, the divisiveness, the unstatesmanlike behaviour, the cynicism. Rather than accepting Prime Minister Abbott come 2013, we suggest an alternative option: a Coalition government, minus Tony Abbott. The best way of achieving our goal is to ensure that Tony Abbott does not win his seat in the 2013 Federal Election.This responsibility rests solely with the people of Warringah.

The Anyone But Abbott campaign seeks to elect a strong, independent candidate into the local area. Someone who will put the needs of the electorate above the needs of a party. Someone who will finally take a proactive, policy-centric approach to the issues that are important to the local area: public transport, health services, over-development, education, roads and security.

This will enable to the Liberal Party to choose a less polarising leader and put this sad chapter in Australian politics behind us.

This goal is achievable. The success of our campaign ultimately comes down to the voters in the seat of Warringah on polling day. We will create the momentum, pressure and support. We will put up a quality candidate who will convince 25,000 locals to change their vote. If Maxine McKew could unseat Prime Minister John Howard in 2007, we can unseat Opposition naysayer Tony Abbott in 2013.

But first, we need a hero. A Warringah local with vision, intellect, integrity and strength of character. Someone who will put Warringah first, to finally ensure it gets the attention it deserves. It is time to shake up the system, to send the message that Warringah is not just a blue ribbon seat the Coalition can neglect.

It is a critical time for the nation. Between the global economic turmoil, erosion of traditional industry strongholds and badly ageing infrastructure, Australia is at a social and economic crossroads. Warringah needs the best leader we can find. Warringah and Australia needs an alternative to Abbott.


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Phone Skin :)

September 8, 2012 · 1 comment

Just put this gorgeous goth girl on my Galaxy Note (which now had icecream sandwich!)

Beats thinking about Tony Abbott :/

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A few years ago many members of the Atheist community and the general population started boycotting Gloria Jeans due to their financial support of Mercy Ministries, who ran/run gay conversion programs….

I just read a post on currentaffairs.net.au in which the author has accessed the political donation details for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) for the 2010/2011 financial year.

Political Expenditure – Donation Details – 2010-2011
Australian Christian Lobby
4 Campion Street
_____________________________ ___________
Donations where $11,500 or more was received for political expenditures:

Neil Golding
31/08/2010 – $100,000.00

Gloria Jeans Coffees International, 11 Hoyle Ave, CASTLE HILL NSW 2154
30/11/2010 – $30,000.00

Christian Super Pty Limited, P.O. Box 3035, RHODES NSW 2138
31/12/2010 – $13,636.00

The ACL, as most of you would be aware, were lobbying hard against the Sunrise / Marie Claire / Getup campaign for marriage equality. ido.org.au.

With the ACL lodging a complaint with the Australian Communications and Media Authority that Sunrise was breaching their codes by supporting the ido.org.au campaign, in that they were not presenting news impartially, and also calling for the public to send messages to Sunrise’s sponsors condemning their support of a program supporting marriage equality. Fortunately, that backfired, with many more people contacting the sponsors to congratulate them for supporting Sunrise and Marie Claire and marriage equality :)

So, if you want another reason to boycott Gloria Jeans, then add to them sponsoring a lobby group that claims to represent the Christians of Australia, that lobbies against marriage equality.

Show the world that the hateful messages of the ACL are not acceptable in our society may not be heard over the frantic shrieking of the ACL, but the reasonable rest of the community can keep sending messages in the way that gets noticed. Financially.

You’re a fair person, right?

Do what feels fair.



Friends don’t let friends vote for Tony Abbott

October 20, 2011
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Lizosaurus – Saying what’s on my mind.

September 20, 2011

Liz(osaurus) is amazing. She tells the government what she wants. She’s giving away an inflatable dinosaur. She loves cats. She says other things we’re all thinking. And she’s organising the Little Bloggy Blood Drive on October 8. Join us? Reckon she’d like me in my cats ears when giving blood? :p

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Topics that I could have written about but haven’t for lack of coherent sentences

May 30, 2011

Slutwalk. The Rapture Cate Blanchett Muslims getting Billboards in Sydney. How I wish I was a mum and was running this blog as an atheist/raising freethinkers/evidence based practice mum blog just to enter it into the Top 25 Faith Bloggers thingy to irritate the Christian mums who were irritated at there being Pagan mums in […]

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Annie’s Last Paper Not Coming Out

May 9, 2011

From Live Toad Annie’s Last Paper Not Coming Out In a bizarre replay of Annie’s Coming Out (1980) the Department of Human Services is preventing Anne McDonald‘s oldest friend, Leonie McFarlane, from delivering a presentation in her memory. Leonie’s case is to be taken to the Supreme Court today by Ron Meldrum, QC. Anne McDonald […]

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Yes, I cried in a sappy Disney cartoon – Tangled review and giveaway

May 2, 2011

Okay, who was the silly girl who decided to watch Tangled with a glass of wine while home alone eating leftovers while contemplating the future and life? Oh, that would be me, hey? Yes, I’m not into the romantic in real life, I’m not waiting for a prince, or spunky villain, to sweep me off […]

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Every Australian Counts: Support the National Disability Insurance Scheme

March 28, 2011

Every Australian Counts is the campaign for the introduction of a National Disability Insurance Scheme. The NDIS will revolutionise the way people with a disability, their families and carers are supported in this country. The NDIS will be a new support system for people with a disability, their families and carers. It will transform the […]

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She’s Back… a Back Door Man

March 9, 2011

Glutton for punishment.

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International Women’s Day – 100 years on and we’re still getting there. Abortion law in Australia has a long way to go.

March 8, 2011

Happy International Women’s Day! :) Last night, we went to a public talk by Leslie Cannold (@LeslieCannold) at the ANU entitled “Lecture on The Sleeping Dragon: The Unfinished Business of Abortion Law Reform in Australia“. AMAZING. It astonished me, and made me angry that there are still so many “faceless” men and women making decisions […]

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