Captain Cook was the first QUEUE JUMPER – This Country needs a Fucking Shake Up (Wake UP)

Yeas, I know I feel the need to post this song periodically, but, after the last month or so, with BORDER FORCE and the like, I totally think it’s time again Well I’m left sitting here staring into a beer shaking my head at the same ol’ loathing and fear Stranger in my own land, […]

Your senate just voted against the mandatory reporting of child abuse…

Yesterday, I put forward an amendment to the Government's detention bill that would make the reporting of child abuse… Posted by Senator Sarah Hanson-Young on Thursday, 25 June 2015 From the link here Question—That the amendments be agreed to—put. The committee divided— AYES (Voted Yes), 16 Senators— Di Natale (Greens) Ludlam (Greens) Rhiannon (Greens) Waters (Greens) […]

On the so-called “conscience vote”

So, there’s this thing in Australian politics where, despite signing up for a certain party and normally being help to vote to what the party thinks, means thaat individual members of parliament are allowed to make a “Consceince Vote” when it comes to matters where, basically, religion may come into play. A conscience vote or […]

So, there’s no more Lambie and The Brick in PUP

We had thought that THIS was the end of Lambie and the Brick… But, there’s only one member of the Palmer United Party left in the senate, after Lazarus and Lambie left…. @phonakins @TheRoastTV @humphriesmark Something like this I imagine :) — Jazz Twemlow (@JazzTwemlow) March 14, 2015 \ A sad sad day Classic […]