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On the so-called “conscience vote”

So, there’s this thing in Australian politics where, despite signing up for a certain party and normally being help to vote to what the party thinks, means thaat individual members of parliament are allowed to make a “Consceince Vote” when it comes to matters where, basically, religion may come into play. A conscience vote or…

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OUR rail plan for NSW

We all know that, heading into the NSW state election on Saturday, transport should be a concern for voters. For those who have good services, they should be concerned about future proofing them, for those with poor services, lobbying to get them, or keep what is left, and for those on train lines all over…

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So, there’s no more Lambie and The Brick in PUP

We had thought that THIS was the end of Lambie and the Brick… But, there’s only one member of the Palmer United Party left in the senate, after Lazarus and Lambie left…. @phonakins @TheRoastTV @humphriesmark Something like this I imagine :) pic.twitter.com/ybtY1DU1wk — Jazz Twemlow (@JazzTwemlow) March 14, 2015 \ A sad sad day Classic…

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A thousand lashes for Raif Badawi, while the West stays silent on Saudi human rights (Republished from TheConversation)

By Madawi al-Rasheed, London School of Economics and Political Science Raif Badawi, a Saudi blogger and the founder of an online liberal debating forum has become the most recent victim of the unjust Saudi justice system and the contradictions, one might say hypocrisy, of the Saudi monarchy. In May 2014 Badawi was sentenced to ten…

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[EDITED] Happy Birthday Jeff McCloy!

EDITED 13/10 – I was asked rather nicely to take these images (and the post, but that’s not happening) down by a member of the birthday party Jeff was with last night. Since I don’t feel like too much hassle I’ll run with it – but I think whoever posted the pics originally will realise…

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