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On My Mind

(a soundtrack to this post…..) In no particular order, other than the tabs open in my browser….. Why do we care about Peter Greste and co’s ridiculous trial an imprisonment? Well, let’s see, if a white Aussie male can’t get justice, who can in this world? (or the Egyptian world anyway). In six months, the…

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Where IS the problem?

I know I’ve managed to keep this place politics-free for a little while. But this budget just keeps grinding away at me. Where is the ENCOURAGEMENT to be a better person, a better nation? To support one-another (students, those fresh out of uni, the shot- and longer-term unemployed, people with disabilities, families, the older people…

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I’m all for reintroducing Knighthoods and Dames – If they bring on the Republic!

If anyone was to kick off the republican debate, it was surely to be because of a move from Tony Abbott…. in this case, bringing back knighthoods! While I know it is a step back in time, sometimes we need them. To make people think. To make people realise what an outdated institution the British…

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This lesser of two evils politics is making me sad :(

I can’t say I particularly like any politicians. And given both the Liberals and Labor are content being boring and not actually having policies aside from “the other people suck”, I’m sure that come September 14, I’ll be there deciding who to put last on my ballot paper, ahead of the Christian Democrats or whatever…

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