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Airplane Food – SYD-MEL-HBA return on Qantas

Time to show off the GFML (Gluten Intollerence) meals offered in economy on Qantas domestic.

Heading down to Hobart I got two breakfasts, the row to myself on both flights, and evidence as to how old the Qantas domestic Boeing fleet is…

Hobar2012 390 - Copy

Breakfast #1 – Monster Muesli, Rowie’s cake, banana, juice, water and pills ;)

Hobar2012 436 - Copy

Breakfast #2. With Uncle Toby’s branded gluten free cornflakes.

Hobar2012 434 - Copy

Row to oneself at 6am on a Sunday.

Hobar2012 445 - Copy

Ash tray in the loo shows the age of the plane, as Smoking aboard Australian domestic aircraft was banned on 1 December 1987!

Hobar2012 444 - Copy

Early morning selfies.

Hobar2012 448 - Copy

My first glimpse of Tasmania. I only get window seats. On the left side of the plane.

On the return flights, there was a ‘snack’ (a second lunch for the special meals)

Hobar2012 826

A roast vege sandwich. No banana for me, though the normal meals had bananas.

Hobar2012 861

And lamb for dinner

Hobar2012 863

All quite edible :)

Qantas CBR-MEL-CBR (and decent apples!)

Arrived to check in for my trip to Melbourne just on closing time (for luggage, anyway, ALWAYS take a large suitcase to Melbourne, just in case I need the room!), so on a flight where there may have been one spare seat, it’s no surprise I got the aisle rather than requested window. I’m just glad I wasn’t in the dreaded middle seat!

Qantas to Mebourne
Snack on QF815

Interesting choice of biscuit, but I was pleased it wasn’t chocolate, rued yet again that Qantas only serves red apples, and ate it up.

Qantas to and from Melbourne

Hello Kitty Overnight Bag

Scored myself the exit row window, with noone in the centre seat on the way down to Melbourne on Friday morning. Sweet! Quick on and off with only my hand luggage, too ;)

January 2010 195

Apparently Qantas are trying to increase their recycling on planes, collecting the bottles separate to the food and other rubbish now. Got a juice and some Kez’s cookies on the way down. I ate the Honey and Macadamia one, and alas threw away the chocolate.

The return flight last night was packed, with very little time for the dinner service. Lucky for me, I’d requested a Vegan meal, so as to avoid the cheese and other potential things that wouldn’t agree with me.

Qantas Vegan Meal

I scored a roast Mediterranean vege sandwich on 9 grain, and a cute little Quinoa flour cake. And was served before my row mates who suffered through their ham and cheese on dry brown bread with a minny toblerone. No wine service on the weekend CityFlyers, so I stuck with the water.

Qantas Vegan Meal

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