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Airplane Food – SYD-MEL-HBA return on Qantas

Time to show off the GFML (Gluten Intollerence) meals offered in economy on Qantas domestic.

Heading down to Hobart I got two breakfasts, the row to myself on both flights, and evidence as to how old the Qantas domestic Boeing fleet is…

Hobar2012 390 - Copy

Breakfast #1 – Monster Muesli, Rowie’s cake, banana, juice, water and pills ;)

Hobar2012 436 - Copy

Breakfast #2. With Uncle Toby’s branded gluten free cornflakes.

Hobar2012 434 - Copy

Row to oneself at 6am on a Sunday.

Hobar2012 445 - Copy

Ash tray in the loo shows the age of the plane, as Smoking aboard Australian domestic aircraft was banned on 1 December 1987!

Hobar2012 444 - Copy

Early morning selfies.

Hobar2012 448 - Copy

My first glimpse of Tasmania. I only get window seats. On the left side of the plane.

On the return flights, there was a ‘snack’ (a second lunch for the special meals)

Hobar2012 826

A roast vege sandwich. No banana for me, though the normal meals had bananas.

Hobar2012 861

And lamb for dinner

Hobar2012 863

All quite edible :)

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