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Your senate just voted against the mandatory reporting of child abuse…

Yesterday, I put forward an amendment to the Government's detention bill that would make the reporting of child abuse… Posted by Senator Sarah Hanson-Young on Thursday, 25 June 2015 From the link here Question—That the amendments be agreed to—put. The committee divided— AYES (Voted Yes), 16 Senators— Di Natale (Greens) Ludlam (Greens) Rhiannon (Greens) Waters (Greens)…

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Heartbreaking LiveTweets from the Human Rights Inquiry into immigration detention… #HRInquiry

Full report from #HRinquiry here: Asylum-seeker children: self-harm 'shockingly high', national inquiry hears — Michael Safi (@safimichael) July 2, 2014 [View the story ” ” on Storify] Sharing because it is an awful read. And that means it needs to be shared far and wide.

On My Mind

(a soundtrack to this post…..) In no particular order, other than the tabs open in my browser….. Why do we care about Peter Greste and co’s ridiculous trial an imprisonment? Well, let’s see, if a white Aussie male can’t get justice, who can in this world? (or the Egyptian world anyway). In six months, the…

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