Watching this coming off the back of not really getting why some secular Jews are pissed off about the election date.



Next time.

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I went to a wedding yesterday.

In a church. A Baptist church. Yes, I spent six hours in a Baptist church yesterday.

And only made one highly offensive joke.

(involving Jesus’s urine and white wine)

I was pretty restrained.

I like parts of weddings. I like that people like to celebrate that they love each other. I can live through the religious bits. I try to learn about other people during them, try to ‘get’ what makes religious people tick. Try. I like that some people are able to celebrate their love how they want. I hate that some people want to dictate how others can do it.

Grow up, Australia.

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Save me Jebus!

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Save me Jebus!

(The Mormons won’t call for my beheading over my giving their Jesus card to the baby to chew on, right???)


(while I’m on a roll)

Brides don't submit here

So, this week the lovely Sydney Anglican Diocese came out and said “yup, we’re gonna get women to promise to submit to their husbands when they get married”, and of course, there’s been plenty of outcry ;)

What are my thoughts on this? As someone who will freely admit that she defers to her partner to make big decisions, but refuses to get married, let alone promise to stick with one person for life partly because the law in the country is screwy? And would NEVER swear on a bible because she’d get the giggles and get kicked out of the court?

Well, unfortunately for any good Christian boy who wants to marry me, I don’t see why men should be automatically considered to be the one in charge. We all have our own skills and strengths, and just because you think god thinks you should have the final say cos you’re a guy, well, sorry, that is SO not automatic in my world. Yes, we all have things we’re better at than others. But making decisions for a family doesn’t come naturally to many people, let alone assume the guy can do it because he is a male.

What do you think of ‘obey’ and ‘submit’?

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Awoke to the news that the Salvation Army were copping it in the media for reinforcing its stance that homosexuality is an unnatural urge that needs to be suppressed.

Anna Brown, convener of the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, said the charity had also opposed gay marriage at a House of Representatives inquiry.

“Actively campaigning against marriage equality is counter to the principles of compassion and humanity, and these are the very values that motivate most Australians to donate to the Salvation Army,” she said.

“It’s difficult to reconcile how an organisation seeking to alleviate social disadvantage can play a role in perpetuating views … founded in prejudice (that) cause significant harm to the health and wellbeing of gay, lesbian and transgender Australians and their families.”

My immediate thoughts? Aside from this is why churches shouldn’t be responsible for welfare, and it should be government/secular, I was also reminded that one of the current Nuffnang charity ads is selling mobile phone covers for the Salvos, in order to help fund youth services.

I of course, went straight to the social media to have a few words on it.

But two of my friends, Kel and Jen, put it well

From Kel:

Really sad. I wanted to believe they were a charity I could get on board with, but how many blankets do you need to hand out to the homeless to make up for the gay teenage boy who kills himself because of such social attitudes?

And Jen:

A family friend of ours used to manage ‘this way up’, the salvos furniture place that employs disadvantaged people. He had to leave a few years ago because after a change in the salvos leadership it all became less about really helping people in a practical way and more about ‘saving their souls’.

So, to the Nuffnangers out there, I call on you to disable charity ads while they are still running Salvation Army, or similar charities who are so conflicted over what their REAL mission is. And let the Salvos know where you stand.

Happy Monday.


A few years ago many members of the Atheist community and the general population started boycotting Gloria Jeans due to their financial support of Mercy Ministries, who ran/run gay conversion programs….

I just read a post on in which the author has accessed the political donation details for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) for the 2010/2011 financial year.

Political Expenditure – Donation Details – 2010-2011
Australian Christian Lobby
4 Campion Street
_____________________________ ___________
Donations where $11,500 or more was received for political expenditures:

Neil Golding
31/08/2010 – $100,000.00

Gloria Jeans Coffees International, 11 Hoyle Ave, CASTLE HILL NSW 2154
30/11/2010 – $30,000.00

Christian Super Pty Limited, P.O. Box 3035, RHODES NSW 2138
31/12/2010 – $13,636.00

The ACL, as most of you would be aware, were lobbying hard against the Sunrise / Marie Claire / Getup campaign for marriage equality.

With the ACL lodging a complaint with the Australian Communications and Media Authority that Sunrise was breaching their codes by supporting the campaign, in that they were not presenting news impartially, and also calling for the public to send messages to Sunrise’s sponsors condemning their support of a program supporting marriage equality. Fortunately, that backfired, with many more people contacting the sponsors to congratulate them for supporting Sunrise and Marie Claire and marriage equality :)

So, if you want another reason to boycott Gloria Jeans, then add to them sponsoring a lobby group that claims to represent the Christians of Australia, that lobbies against marriage equality.

Show the world that the hateful messages of the ACL are not acceptable in our society may not be heard over the frantic shrieking of the ACL, but the reasonable rest of the community can keep sending messages in the way that gets noticed. Financially.

You’re a fair person, right?

Do what feels fair.



Happy Zombie Jesus day!


Best gift of all has to be the news that Tony Abbott’s sister is gay and a same-sex marriage activist. :)

Have an awesomeness Sunday.

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International Women’s Day – 100 years on and we’re still getting there. Abortion law in Australia has a long way to go.

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Media Release – Atheist Foundation of Australia: Atheist Foundation of Australia President David Nicholls today called for reason to prevail in the frenzy leading up to the canonisation of Mary MacKillop and asks that governments and individuals re-direct the money being spent on trips to Rome towards cancer research and financial support for cancer sufferers. […]

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What Happens if You Put a Puppy next to God?

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