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Special Religious Instruction Sticker

Flash giveaway time!

Most NSW kids are back to school today and may or may not have opted in or out of “Special Religious Education” aka “Scripture” this term. You probably know where I stand on that, keep it out of the schools and stop splitting kids up based on their family’s religion or lack thereof!

You too can wear that view proud with a Fairness in Religion in Schools (FIRIS) bumper sticker like this beauty that now complements my tongue in cheek application of a Kevin 07 sticker on the left hand side.

Kevin 07 Sticker

To win? Just comment here that you want one and let me know if you did scripture at school or if your kids do it. I’m all for debate around the subject. Then indicate your entry in the Gleam widget. I have one spare and am happy to post anywhere in the world. You can get an extra entry in a few ways. Spread the love xxx Closes on Sunday, 10am, in time for Sunday School.

Fairness In Religion in Schools Bumper Sticker

Hello Kitty Inside sticker

Mwah! Isn’t the kitty one on my petrol cap cool? Ebay is your friend!

Hello kitty car sticker


Hold me, I’ve become THAT person

by Fiona on May 27, 2015 · 2 comments

The one that says –

Why care about GST on tampons…. when women in detention centres have to live up for one or two pads or tampons at a time, don’t get enough pads for the month and swap sexual favours aka get sexually assaulted in return for shower time.

Why care about gay marriage…. Just get it over with so people can worry about actual discrimination, such as Tasmanian schools wanting to be able to expel queer teens on religious grounds.

I’m sure there’s more… But those two are pissing me off this week. And I’m on my phone and suck at Swype.

I used to hate those people. The my cause is more important than yours… But I’m wavering!

Or reading too much Razer ( I blame you Bronwyn!)



So, there is a time. A time where I type under the cover of darkness, a time where I hide away.

There is another time.

One where I proudly proclaim that I am a Pastafarian Minister. One where I ask you, why is my religion NOT so special and precious and holy as yours? Why isn’t my GOD, created by the prophet Bobby Henderson, as cherished and LOVED as that Jesus you talk of? Why not, as they are all as ridiculous as one another?


Bow forth, if you want to be blessed. And join me on Facebook.

I will bless you with his noodly appendage.



A soothing cup of tea

by Fiona on April 10, 2015 · 0 comments

Tense therapy session on Wednesday because we ended up writing the letter for my “job Capacity Assessment” with Centrelink that I had yesterday. Yes, the assessment went well, reaffirmed my love of Occupational Therapists. and I’m going to be going to a new Job network/ Disability provider next week…. One that is all into aka specialises in people with mental health issues. I also got a rating of being capable of
only” 8-14 hours of work a week. Given I’ve not worked full-time in over three years, this is a relief to have on my record. A relief to be honest and say that I really wanna be a a speech pathologist again, but my mental health issues are holding me back.

Oh we got the coolest coffee cups from Playing the Goat across the road from Centrelink. Tawny frogmouth!!!


So, when I got home from that, I went for my first cup of tea for the year. Dilmah.


Oh, and did you see that I got ordained? *grins*

(that certificate is NOT A4, so if anyone can help me fid a frame to fit it – US sized I guess- I’ll bless you with 2 minute noodles)


Watch out for Guerilla Halal!

by Fiona on January 30, 2013 · 0 comments

Watching this coming off the back of not really getting why some secular Jews are pissed off about the election date.



Next time.

by Fiona on September 23, 2012 · 1 comment


I went to a wedding yesterday.

In a church. A Baptist church. Yes, I spent six hours in a Baptist church yesterday.

And only made one highly offensive joke.

(involving Jesus’s urine and white wine)

I was pretty restrained.

I like parts of weddings. I like that people like to celebrate that they love each other. I can live through the religious bits. I try to learn about other people during them, try to ‘get’ what makes religious people tick. Try. I like that some people are able to celebrate their love how they want. I hate that some people want to dictate how others can do it.

Grow up, Australia.

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Save me Jebus!

by Fiona on September 15, 2012 · 0 comments

Save me Jebus!

(The Mormons won’t call for my beheading over my giving their Jesus card to the baby to chew on, right???)


Love, honour, obey, and submit

August 29, 2012

(while I’m on a roll) So, this week the lovely Sydney Anglican Diocese came out and said “yup, we’re gonna get women to promise to submit to their husbands when they get married”, and of course, there’s been plenty of outcry ;) What are my thoughts on this? As someone who will freely admit that […]

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How many blankets do you need to hand out to the homeless to make up for the gay teenage boy who kills himself because of such social attitudes?

Thumbnail image for How many blankets do you need to hand out to the homeless to make up for the gay teenage boy who kills himself because of such social attitudes? June 18, 2012

Awoke to the news that the Salvation Army were copping it in the media for reinforcing its stance that homosexuality is an unnatural urge that needs to be suppressed. Anna Brown, convener of the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, said the charity had also opposed gay marriage at a House of Representatives inquiry. “Actively […]

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Coffee, marriage equality, politics and religion: Why we should step up the Gloria Jeans boycott

Marriage Equality June 8, 2012

A few years ago many members of the Atheist community and the general population started boycotting Gloria Jeans due to their financial support of Mercy Ministries, who ran/run gay conversion programs…. I just read a post on in which the author has accessed the political donation details for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) for […]

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Happy Zombie Jesus Day (aka suck it, Tony Abbott)

April 8, 2012

Happy Zombie Jesus day! Best gift of all has to be the news that Tony Abbott’s sister is gay and a same-sex marriage activist. :) Have an awesomeness Sunday.

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