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Moving It

In the process of moving everything from this place to the new place. Going to do the big stuff on the weekend, many boxes are going already… In the process of changing addresses over, figuring out electricity and gas (I’ve never lived in a house with gas stuff in use before… watch me learn to use the stove without injuring myself…).. yeah.

BOOKSHELF! Fireplace!

The highlights of the new place … aside from being able to fall out of bed to get to work… the bookshelf, which is full of the landlord’s books to read… in front of the fireplace :) Sweet. You know where to find me next winter (it will be negotiated whether I’m allowed to use the fireplace without supervision :p heh).

Cows front courtyard

It's moving time!

Gee B1 and B2 proved great conversational starters in my younger years…

Anyway… (Do you know what time it is?)

We’ve got ourselves a place very very close to where I work… meaning walking to work every day! *bounce* Slightly larger than we have now, but technically a townhouse… though it’s not a little box courtyard like some.

So, it’s time to start packing up the house, cleaning for inspections an so forth. Moving weekend will be the “long” weekend at the start of November (I get the Tuesday off as a public holiday for Melbourne Cup.. oh I mean “Family and Community Day” o some such tripe so will of course be taking Monday of on Flex)… means two days to move out and clean the old place, and two days to settle my life into a new egion of Canberra. :p So I’ll have now lived Inner North, Inner South, Woden and now in Weston Creek. That leaves Belconnen, Tuggeranong and Gunghalin, right? Let’s not go there :p\

Will start the packing after this weekend. Have a mini-getaway to Sydney planned with Rish (yes, I pre poll voted for the election this afternoon. I like electronic voting! There’s an ‘undo’!)… Accomodation in a King Room at the Citigate… so looking forward to a swim.. and happy with Wotif for their rates *grins*

Back on the Hunt

Ahh, the Canberra rental market… HATE it hate it hate it.

The new landlord has decided that a $55 a week rental increase is what they’d like… so… we’re looking around at our options, starting the process of going to open houses, seeing what’s out there that might be suitable. Oh and I’m sure we’ll be putting in applications left, right and centre on anything that looks reasonably prices, suitable and/or closer to my work so I can at least save of fuel costs if not on rent.


We’re still mostly looking at houses… we like our space, like to have a backyard (even if ours is a bit of a jungle at the moment), and garages are more likely… an apartment would really need to have the right location for us to consider it… I don’t like people that much :p

So – time to put allhomes back on my regular browsing list (ooh new property – call them call them!!!) and get all my incomes and references ready to copy out a million times.

Wish us luck?

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