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So, how does a non-mum review items given to her cos she hangs around with the Mummy bloggers??

She, of course, passes them onto her sister and her kids. As you can see, Ez LOVES the spoon and sippy cup I think I got in the grab bag from the Digital Parents Conference.

And the whole family gets great use out of the air fryer I reviewed yonks ago. My sister has even cooked a roast in it!!!

A Liam Self-portrait

On Product Reviews and Online Shopping

Phillips Air Fryer
Hey look, no oil!

I’ve been getting oodles of hits for certain posts on this site. Most recently, it’s been for the post about Go the fuck to sleep, and for my once over of the aircooker. So, it seems like lots of people are googling something of interest and clicking through to see what they can find, and coming to my ramblings about it.

I know I’ll do the some. Ebay for something, google away looking for info, find a review site like, tech sites, some blogs, compare prices around the place and reach a decision about whether to get something, and how much I’m willing to pay… Putting different weights on different opinions, with blogs that I know for their honesty in reviews probably weighing in more than those with glowing opinions on everything they see. Same with review sites, I want to know the good and the bad, so I can work out if the bad is something I can live with!

There’s also the issue of the ridiculous dollar discrepancy, and how easy it is to buy so cheap online, Myer might have to do more than up the staffing in its flagship store to lure me into buying certain things online. Especially things like electronics which I KNOW I can get cheap online. Maybe they will stay my go-to for tights, and for clothes that need trying on, but for things where I know my size (repeat buys, most things other than jeans) it’s so easy just to click through and pay with paypal, and have it delivered from the other side of the world for less than the cost of going to the store in person and dealing with the shopping centre…

How about you? How have your browsing and impulse-buys been going with the strong dollar and easy access to paypal?

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