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For those playing along at home

I’ve just spent a couple of days in psych care at the hospital.

Yeah, I was a bit of a risk.

Putting things in place etc.



Yeah, I ate gluten this few days. I lived.

And check out all the plastic cutlery and crockery. Yep, no sharps in PECC. (the flowers are also in a ‘vase’ fashioned from an isowipes container)

Plans from here?


Take care of myself.

More therapy.

Adjust meds.

Oh and figure out where I want to live. Yeah, Rish and I kinda ‘separated’, too.

Just short of 15 years.

To see if that helps.


Careful what you wish for.


I can do this.

Fourteen Years

Royal Botanic Gardens with Rish

Another year has gone. That makes 14 years since watching the Xmas lights, getting bitten by mozzies, and curling up together at Brian’s.

14 years. A huge year again this year. Different cities. Awesome highs and hellish lows. Lots to take on, to end. Moving. Growing up (???). Growing together. While apart. Sharing so much. Even if by text, email, weekly recaps or occasional MMS. It’s been tough, but we’re still so strong.

We’re still growing together.


Happy Anniversary, Rish.

Spreading Threadless Love


So, to whoever it was who stole Rish’s laptop last night… I hope karma gets you. Or you realise that you’re better off just giving it back for that no questions asked reward. I don’t care about the laptop, it’s just the work he had inside of it :(


Did my second PUMP class. Feeling quite shakey.. I need to get dinner started so I don’t fall over into bed. But it was good, though I think I had my weights too high at one point :p I’ll gauage it properly next week.


I nearly lost my work diary today. I headed to Woden to book an optomestrist appointment (think I’m going to get daily disposable contact lenses for those times when I really should have been wearing contacts), get lunch, and to just get out of the office. I put my diary on top of the car while I got my keys out, then got in and drove off. Made it back to work 5km away, and realised that there was no diary on my passenger seat. Crap. Drive back to Woden. Diary is on the ramp out of the car park *phew*


Okay. Need to make sweet potato chips. Yums.

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