Another fun City 2 Surf completed! In very similar time to last year too :D :D Woo!

Mum and Jen walked it with the kids in UNDER 3 hours! woo!

(all very tired on the train ride home!)


@runningonline Workout #1
(Crib notes for the session)

Did my first session of my Up & Running course this evening. And interesting combination which saw me relieve the skipping along the foreshore was over and I could just go back to running ;)

workout #1

Covered 8km using a combination of walking, running, jogging and skipping. Was fun, but will head out a little earlier next time, ended up walking home in the dark! I’ll also wear my newer shoes, not my worn out sad old shoes. They’re okay for walking, but NOT for the running. Felt the impact on my left foot while skipping along!

arm band

Oh and I have to say my new phone arm band (scored off ebay for $8 including postage) is awesome. Even has a sneaky little key pocket. Score!


(ps, my hair is getting really long!)


Planning out my week

June 17, 2012 · 5 comments

How is this not a plan? I have a few trips to the Central Coast and Sydney for appointments, Lady Gaga, and the Good Food and Wine Show… and maybe even seeing Ms Glowless to boot :) Do some running and bootcamp in there, then fly to Hobart for the Speech Pathology Australia conference, armed with gloves, hats and scarves, and running shoes, to find my speechie mojo and to see the lovely Foale ladies :)

Poker Face
Karaoke – Poker Face :)


My someday has come

June 16, 2012 · 2 comments

seven days

Ow ow ow. So sore in the quads and abs and SOMEWHERE in my arms from my first Bootcamp session yesterday morning!

Yes. So I’ve started Bootcamp at the same time I’m starting the Up and Running 10k program. Progress, they say.

Looks like my running gear is coming to Hobart next week and Canberra the week after. It’s gonna be cold!

Bring on 30.

(I also started my Speech Pathology blog this week. Finally. It’s currently getting some of my relevant posts here republished over there but new content will be upon us soon!)


Wow! I won a 10k training course with Up and Running from Shauna @ Dietgirl… just the kick this girl needs to get back to her running that she’s been putting off for so long!

MS Fun Run Canberra

Yes, I can already run 10k (above is a pic from the MS fun run in sub zero temperatures in Canberra last year!), but this is a chance to get my time down (aiming for under an hour) and to psyche myself into tackling a half-marathon! (and get me on track for the City2Surf in August)

Totally will be posting about this here, but if you want to join me in the 10k course, it starts on June 14, with the 5k version starting Monday 11th June. Head over to Up and Running to find out more about the program.


I'm training with Up & Running Outrun the zombies with Up & Running

Bring it!

(says a snotty, #caffeinefreephona. 23 days to go!)


Back to the Gym

August 16, 2011 · 4 comments

Got back to the gym today, joined one down the street, close to work and home. Had to work out those sore sore legs from the weekend.

city 2 surf results
Official results

Got allocated some more clients today, now I really feel like I’m getting into things :) Still got HEAPS of orientation and learning to do, but I feel kinda like I’m about to be useful soon ;)


HUGE weekend. Rish arrived midnight Friday, we went to Newcastle Saturday, and while we were on the F3, I got a text from my brother in law to say they were at the hospital because my niece was on her way!! :)


I got dropped off at my parents place, and got to muck around with my nephew for a few hours :)

AUG2011 084


We wore funnels as hats, tinman style


Had rides in the washing basket.


Did some gardening


Including a little repotting.



Had a tea party with the empty mugs


Build a tower and didn’t break anything


Then it was time to head to the hospital with my parents and meet little Ezri Rae…

Born 1:20pm, August 13, 52cm, 7lb 3.

New Niece - Ezri Rae

A serious little thing, Ezri is like Ezra, and means “helper”.

New Niece - Ezri Rae

Perfect timing, two days before due date. All are going well, but tired, I’m told.

New Niece - Ezri Rae

After time spent with family, and a later than realised dinner with Rish’s side, we got back to Sydney after midnight… with the alarm set for the big race… City 2 Surf!

City2Surf 2011

What a day! I arrived at the starting point just after my group (blue) started… not to worry it took 10 mins to get to the start anyway!

City2Surf 2011

What awesome atmosphere. I may have been running alone, but I never really was!

City2Surf 2011

Things got tough at the end of hearbreak hill, had to walk for a bit, but then finished strong, and got in around my estimated time – by my time I was in in 1 hour 47 minutes. Only an hour more than the winner ;)

City2Surf 2011

I’m hurting now!!!!! :D

Thankyou THANKYOU thankyou for all of you who sponsored me! I have raised $660 for the Steve Waugh Foundation to help awesome kids with rare diseases who might otherwise have nowhere else to go for funding support. Thank you for your support.

Bring on 2012!! :D



I’ve raised $500 through my City2Surf fundraising for the Steve Waugh Foundation

Thank you to all who have sponsored.

Can I reach $600 by Sunday?

All donations are welcome. $2 and over are tax deductable!!!


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Gus's soy latte

Today was spent drinking coffee, writing out some answers to expected interview questions. I bought a new dress, a cute one from Review that was heavily discounted. And I ran.

10.75 km worth. The furthest I’ve ever run. And it was dark and cold at the end. But it was fun and good and made me smile.

So, now, to find the 3.25 km (and hill running skillz) needed to finish the City2Surf and to do my sponsors proud!


So, I went and did it. I entered the City2Surf. 14km.

I won’t die doing it, but I’ll have fun trying!

I decided, after browsing around at the charities available (including bible groups and missionaries… ) I settled on the Steve Waugh Foundation:

The Steve Waugh Foundation is committed to a coordinated approach to the service, identification, treatment and cure of rare diseases – primarily focusing on children (0-25 years of age).
We strive to improve the quality of life for children and families affected by rare diseases.

The rare disease patient is the orphan of the health system, often without diagnosis, without treatment, without research and therefore, without reason to hope.

Families and carers of children with rare diseases experience significant psychological stress due to social isolation, unemployment, diagnostic delays, lack of information and difficulty accessing appropriate health care.

The Steve Waugh Foundation is working to help change things for children with a rare disease by giving hope, providing medicine, equipment and treatment, supporting education and research, partnering with other like agencies and organisations as well as supporting specific projects and programs. The Foundation has already supported over 200 families through generous donations from our Patrons, corporate partners and supporters. Over a million dollars has been used for medication, treatment, specialised equipment and financial support.

I first heard of the foundation when someone at work was able to obtain funding for a piece of equipment through them, after approaching funding bodies (government and NGOs) all over and not having success.

So, if you’re able, sponsor me in this year’s City2Surf. (Pro tip: Sponsor before June 30 to claim on this year’s tax return!) I’ll be giving updates on sponsorship over the next two months and of course my efforts to train towards a 14km run!!

There’s also a widget in the sidebar that will keep track of all you lovelies. Yes, I’m setting a goal of $1000. But aim high, I say!

Anyone else going in it? :D

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