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Friday Drinks – Margaritas!

by Fiona on July 10, 2015 · 0 comments

Margarita Ingredients

This week we have the margarita… We used tequila, triple sec and lime juice in a ratio of 2 – 0.5 – 1 (4-1-2 for 2) as I’m not too much of a fan of the sweet stuff. We also mixed it up with limes and lemons because limes are freakin’ expensive at the moment, and friends and family keep giving us free lemons!


Orgran Gluten Free Products

This, along with a chicken caesar salad using the yummy gluten free Orgran herbed quinoa croutons fueled a night of Guitar/Band Hero shenanigans.

Chicken Caesar Salad with Gluten Free Croutons

Guitar Hero Avatar

Aren’t I sexy? ;)


Cafe Macquarie, Belmont

by Fiona on July 9, 2015 · 0 comments

Cafe Macquarie Belmont Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee

Just back from a very filling lunch at the (surprisingly hipster) Cafe Macquarie in Belmont. Why surprisingly? Well, I just didn’t picture mason jar iced coffees in the highway suburb of Belmont. Nor the haloumi salad with quinoa that I nommed down!

Cafe Macquarie Belmont Haloumi Salad
Haloumi Salad with quinoa and greens, $17.50

The greens were a lovely mix – snow peas, broccoli, asparagus, fresh mint leaves, baby spinach and sprouts, with the crunch of pistachio nuts and the zesty lemon juice.

Cafe Macquarie Belmont
Club sandwich with chips, $15.50

These chips were awesomely crunchy! Would be lovely on their own or with their house made aioli.

Cafe Macquarie Belmont Cappuccino
Skinny Cap

The cafe was also involved in the “Block by Block” street art project that’s brightened up the ageing building in the area

Cafe Macquarie
26a Macquarie Street
Belmont, NSW 2280
02 4947 0658


Secrets to an Awesome Caesar Salad

by Fiona on September 12, 2014 · 4 comments

Chicken Caesar Salad

I asked for salad last night for dinner, and Caesar it was. Even though the lettuce is the only salad thing about it. It has BACON in it, it’s not really salad! :p

Anyway, I’m told the following are essential to a great Caesar…

Chicken Caesar Salad

Freshly cooked bacon, let to lose some fats on the paper towel.

Chicken Caesar SaladChicken Caesar Salad

Crispy crunchy lettuce. There is a type of lettuce at woolies called the “sweet crunch” lettuce that is preferable to cos. Washed and thoroughly dried. Either with a salad spinner (that we don’t have) or again, lie on and pat dry with paper towel.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Shredded chicken breast. From a bbq chook. But the breast meat only (I would use it all. But that’s me!)

Chicken caesar salad

And the “Right” dressing (Cardini’s Caesar Salad Dressing) some anchovies, croutons (we usually get Praise croutons) and shaved Parmesan cheese (Mil Lel in this case).

And no egg. Don’t ruin it!


It was our every intention to head to Wallsend to the Krank It! festival at the start of April…. a plan foiled by going on the Saturday, and it being a one day event on the Sunday….. So we watched some of the cars coming into town while trying a pub lunch at The Lemon Grove Hotel.

Lemon Grove Hotel Wallsend

After much deliberation, Bruce had a schnitzel with prawn mornay sauce and such delicious chips!

Lemon Grove Hotel Wallsend

While I had a chicken salad, which was full of yums and washed down with a glass of Chardy :)

When in Rome!

The Lemon Grove Hotel
112 Nelson Street, Wallsend, 2287
[02] 4955 9511


Family Birthday Lunch for Rish’s 30th

by Fiona on August 28, 2012 · 3 comments

Rish's Birthday

No, I’m not for lunch.

Rish's Birthday

Nor were the flowers.

Rish's Birthday

More like it!

Rish's Birthday


Rish's Birthday

Rish's Birthday

Rish's Birthday

Time for Birthday Pie!!!

Rish's Birthday

Lemon Meringue

Rish's Birthday

Lime and Lychee

Rish's Birthday

Strawberry Marshmallow

Rish's Birthday

Ten a piece.

Rish's Birthday

Sleepy Caterpillar?


Citrus Cafe Salads, Newtown

by Fiona on February 16, 2012 · 2 comments

When organising to catch up one evening with a friend, I wasn’t sure if we’d be doing coffee, dinner, or dessert, so headed back to Citrus Cafe. Good move, as the salads we got were awesome :)

Fiona 327
Prawn salad

Fiona 328
Halloumi salad

Fiona 329
Baby Octopus salad


Cafe C, Newtown

by Fiona on December 2, 2011 · 0 comments

Caught up with a friend for a simple dinner in Newtown.

Cafe c Newtown

Cafe c Newtown

Relaxed, and easy.


Steak and Salad. Nommy Irony goodness

September 13, 2011

With sheep milk cheese, and there ARE tomatoes under there. Nomnomnom.

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Lunch at Grind Cafe, Darby Street.

September 13, 2011

Rish’s parents got back from overseas on the weekend, so the hoardes went to Grind on Darby for lunch on Sunday. My coffee was good. Went down well. A couple of bowls of smashed chats. Too much smashing! Not all could be easily eaten. :\ Salt and pepper squid was ordered by 4 I think. […]

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It could have been a great #meatfreemonday salad….

September 5, 2011

But then I had it with a huge STEAK nomnomnom. Lovely day today, yes, i did sleep in and miss the morning gym session, but I sweated like crazy in my make up one tonight!!! That’ll teach me to get up nice and early :) The CP Challenge kicks off tomorrow. It’s one of those […]

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Dinner at the Oatley Hotel

September 1, 2011

Feeling very welcomed by my flatmate. We went with some of her friends to the Oatley Pub for dinner. After digging into some hot chips, I went a much needed salad for dinner, while the others raves about the pizzas.

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