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I know what you ate last month – November 2015

I ate so much in November…. Here’s a few things you missed!

Funghi pizza crust

The from The Porcini Funghi Pizza from Crust (gifted). Amazingly tasty mushrooms, cheeeeeeesy sauces, and you can win a Vespa when you order until Dec 21!


Salmon from Costi’s. Because it’s always Friday.


Salad bowls with feta, tuna, olives and or whatever I find in the fridge!

lemon chicken

Chicken with McKenzies flavoured salts (salts were gifted) and a lemon up its butt.

McKenzies Salt

(The garlic salt is great on chippies)

Vegetarian Burger Newy Burger Co

Vegetarian burgers at Newy Burger Co

pineapple juice  poppers

and frozen pineapple juice poppers.

What’s been on your menu?

Vegemite Smiths Chips – aka ZOMG how salty can one chip be???

Vegemite chips

Got these Vegemite Smiths Chips to sample.

First thought? At least they have a blackness to them.

vegemite chips

The yes, they taste Vegemite-y.

The – argh! Salt!

Sorry guys. Too salty for me :\ *dies*

Available at Coles, Coles Express and Bilo from October 6 for about 3 months.

I’ll be sticking to plain!

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