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Things I’ve Loved Lately

Freenut Butter

Crunchy Eskal Freenut Butter. Made with ground and roasted sunflower kernals, it has all of the texture of peanut butter without the peanutness. Rish even lked it and thought it wasn’t a terrible thing, unlike peanut butter!!

probiotic juice

Golden Circle Healthy Life Probiotic Juice. Yeah, weird I know! But I tried and loved the flavour of the Apple Mango, and Rish informs me that the breakfast juice “tastes like breakfast juice”. So all is good with the world.

Australian Afternoon Tea. It seems milder to me than my usual Dilmah, or Twinings English Breakfast. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be or not, though! I’ve been working my way through all the Twinings flavours after taking home a million tea bags from Blogopolis!

Dried cranberries. I don’t care what brand, they’re all good. It’s just REALLY hard to stop before I reach the sore tummy threshold. Nom nom nom nom nom. No UTIs here!

Frozen Berries and Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt. Mostly with honey. Or bananas and honey. Or banana, apple and honey. Or berries. Or any of the above and some trail mix. Or by itself. Or as an egg substitute in savoury muffins. Seriously. Yums.

The Freenut Butter and Juice were sent from PR companies. The tea was from Blogopolis. I just have a thing for Craisins and Greek Yoghurt.

A ban on buying…


While the plumber was here today, I started sorting through my stash of nail polishes and sample-sized beauty products… to find a crapload of each and to reach this decision…

Nail polished
A small segment of my hoarding

I will not buy any more nail polish or makeup or other ‘beauty’ products (cleansers, moisturisers etc) for the rest of the year.

I have one exception – I will need more foundation, and I’ll get that when I’m next out and about. Especially for party season fast approaching!

You will also see one bonus of my realisation – many colours of polish over the next 3 months will make appearances on my fingernails and toes! :D

Rimmel 610 Pompous

(I also won’t stop trying to GET more sample-sized products! Just no more “free with puchase” ones)

Muesli4Me – Now in Gluten Free

Gluten Free Muesli4Me sample

A week or so ago I received a sample of the new Gluten Free base from Muesli4Me mixed with a couple of my new awesome in my breakfast fruits – cranberries and figs, as I’d asked them if they were going to put out a GF base given the amount of people that have to have gluten free… such a market for them.

The Gluten Free base contains puffed millet, puffed rice, rice bran, sunflower seeds and roast buckwheat “for a delicious nutty flavor”. I should have had it with yoghurt (which I didn’t… ) which would have prevented the eeep it’s going to go soggy! issue. It tasted nice, just had to adjust the liquids accordingly with the puffs.

I also got to try their Go Crunchy base, which they list as “sweet and crunchy made from oats, almonds, pepitas, coconut, milk, sugar and vegetable oil” which it certainly tasted like! It’s a complete cereal in itself, though I’m sure the addition of your fave dried fruit would give you an added bonus… It would probably a sometimes breakfast food for me… delicious, but the sweetness induced guilt ;)

Muesli4me samples

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