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The Stars Align for a Prawn Caesar Salad

How, you might ask, does this cynic form the belief that one day she was just simply MEANT to have prawn Caesar salad for dinner?

One. A PR Company send you Cardini’s Caesar Dressing.

Cardinis caesar dressing

You get let out from your job search appointment early because they think you’re awesome for getting and interview, and Steel Street Seafoods have an actual GLUT of prawns (seriously, they ordered 300kg when they really only meant to order 150) and so have them tempting you as you wander to the supermarket.

Prawns and crabs at steel street fish market

And so you complete the picture with croutons, anchovies bacon and lettuce.

Prawn Caesar Salad

Next time I get fresh prawns, so it’s less salty.

Early Dinner @ Zinc, Darby Street

Zinc, Darby Street

I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of the rest of the day, but this early dinner at Zinc was earned by all concerned after an emotional ride of a weekend.

Zinc, Darby Street

Seafood was the flavour of the day, with the (gluten-free) fish and chips at the top for me, seafood spaghetti for the guys, and a tapas plate for Rish’s mum off the specials list.

Zinc, Darby Street

Early dinner then early sleep. Yes please!

Mezethes Greek Taverna, Salamanca Square, Hobart

Hobar2012 673

For “restaurant night” at the SPA conference, I chopped and changed my booking a few times, til I ended up at Mezethes Greek Taverna chattering and sharing a platter with some of my favourite speechies. <3 Hobar2012 671

A group of 5 of us hit up the $40 a head seafood banquet, with some next to going to meat version.

Hobar2012 675

Of course, I snacked on a little from both ;)

Hobar2012 676

Shame they wouldn’t let us split the bill as promised.

Hobar2012 667Hobar2012 674

Hobar2012 669

But otherwise a great night had by all!

Hobar2012 668

Hobar2012 664Hobar2012 677

Merewether Surfhouse Bar & Grill

Merewether Surf House Bar and Grill

A late lunch over the weekend at the fairly new (opened in November) Merewether Surfhouse. I both hadn’t realised that the original clubhouse had finally been torn down nor that this gorgeous new building with stunning views was just down from the Beaches hotel.

Merewether Surf House Bar and Grill

With a rare break in the rain for the day, and the waves still deeming the beach closed, lots of onlookers were just standing and watching the waves come in, and the brave bunch of surfers out beyond the break.

Merewether Surf House Bar and Grill

Our friendly and helpful waitress brought out break and warmed olives to start us off. Nice, meaty little olives :) These were nommed away on while we each ordered something different :)

Merewether Surf House Bar and Grill

The catch of the day – Whole market fish from the grill with shellfish butter, crushed potatoes and a leaf salad ($33.50). The fish was cooked beautifully I’m told, however Liz wasn’t a fan of the sauce.

Merewether Surf House Bar and Grill

120 day grain fed rump from the Rangers Valley, NSW. 300 gram ($29.50). All of the available sauces are gluten free.

Merewether Surf House Bar and Grill

Pasture fed New York sirloin sources from Gippsland, Victoria 350 gram ($34.50). The steaks came out with double fried chat potatoes with rosemary
and pancetta salt and green beans.

Merewether Surf House Bar and Grill

Crisp skin pork belly with seared scallops, mandarin, star anise glaze and herb salad ($19.50)

Merewether Surf House Bar and Grill

Surfhouse ‘surf and turf’ – slow cooked glazed beef short rib and grilled half lobster tail with crushed potatoes, spinach and a horseradish dressing ($39.50)

Merewether Surf House Bar and Grill

And my order – a piece of delicious ocean trout with creamed cannellini beans, braised fennel, roast truss tomato and lemon thyme oil ($29.50).

Merewether Surf House Bar and Grill

Two of the Lemon and lime creme brulee with toasted coconut macaron ($14.50) were ordered. I scored one of the sweet sweet macarons and a few spoons of a tarty brulee.

Merewether Surf House Bar and Grill

Washed down with a (very large) pot of peppermint tea ($4).

Do you prefer your surf or turf? x

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