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Day One

New work shoes

Off to orientation day today, like the first day of school, only I’m being paid to be there.

A little nervous of course, but excited!


(They even send text message reminders to go! As well as a phone call on Friday to remind me to take my ID along like my passport and drivers licence)

How organised!

Don’t forget that 31 photos in 31 days kicks off again today! Remember to get snapping! I’m not sure yet if I have a theme, maybe something to do with Sydney…. hmmm

31 Photos in 31 Days (Day 3) Waiting for Coffee

August 2010 008

Sitting in Lava Espresso Bar waiting for my soy latte before walking up to work. Groups started today, so I needed that caffeine hit to keep me bubbling along through the parent sessions. Try talking about kids overusing “like” or “um” and then listen to how much you do it yourself!

(Tights are from Mimco, Oilily bag from Frankfurt duty free, notebook from Amazon)

31 Photos in 31 Days (Day 2) Bootcamp!


Got up not so bright and early this morning for my first session of bootcamp! I figured I might as well do the Monday morning, it’d have to set me in good stead for the rest of the week, right? It went well – with only 2 of us in the “class”… there might be a couple more next week, but it’s quite close to personal training at the moment… I’m going to be sore tomorrow! (I’m so unco!)

I’m currently in at uni looking for a few resources for the upcoming semester and the project I’m hoping to complete… Still, I’m looking forward to heading home to see Rish and have leftover sweet and sour! :)

Sweet sour pork

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