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Finishing Touches

Finally got around to doing my tax yesterday – after hitting the shops and buying three pairs of summer sandals and thinking I needed to pay for them somehow! I also got a cute little parcel from Jen @ Red Instead… Looking forward to the Christmas Handmade Markets on Nov 21 (yes, Jen’s stall will…

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Rewards of Stalking

So many good things come from stalking. You make friends, you win bags, and you get the thrill of tracking someone down :p Jen and her little (and rapidly growing) boy were some of my first “Real” clients as a “real” speech pathologist. Aren’t they lucky getting me as a new grad? ;) Pop-up pirate…

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A wiki… for shopping?

Just having a browse at the Health and Beauty buying guide over at… mostly because I was trying to find out how much it would have been to replace my bathroom scales if Rish hadn’t found them for me the other morning! From quite cheap to thousands if I want all the features… I’ll…

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Stand Back: Domestic Genius at Work

Okay, I’m sure I’ve mentioned my periods of being banned from doing household tasks such as the dishes (relegated to wiping up), and doing Rish’s washing due to one too many tissue incidents (bans have been lifted due to the necessity of me being available to do these tasks). I was just putting out washing,…

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