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What sleep patterns?

I figured out the secret to beating jet-lag.

Just never establish a routine sleeping pattern. Go to bed at 9 one night, dance til dawn the next. Get up at 5am a day or so after you’ve gone to bed at that same time.

Or not.

It sounds like a good way to get yourself sick :) Anyway, just for two weeks, while I go out for interaction while Rish is still away.

Cube has the biggest stamp in the world. about 7cm long, with “Gay…” in large, blank print. And hard to wash off ink! But probably the only place in Canberra where I can dance til 4am, strange 18 year old boys and all. (No, I will not take you home and teach you the ropes)

Cube Stamp

A Priest and an Athiest walk into a cafe

So, Rish is on a plane right now, heading to Malaysia. He left Sydney 2ish, so should get to KL about 10 my time… a couple of hours there, then he’s off to Frankfurt :) So didn’t want to leavce him at Sydney airport this morning – but I reasoned that it’s only a week until we’ll meet up in Athens – it’s the goodbye after that week I’m not looking foward to, because then we’ll have 4 weeks apart!

We had a wonderful dinner last night – at The Chairman and Yip :) Took advantage of their eearlybird deal, drank a ottle of New Zealand Pinot and then went for cake at Cream (hottest waitstaff in Canberra) :D Wonderful to have an evening to ourselves before we had to part.

I’m leaning towards an early night tonight – zonked after a week of late nights and a long day today. Need to save my energy for monday! I’ll just have to come down from my caffine buzz from having coffee with Rish’s parents and the priest… he smelled nice like insense :)

Paid for that


Had the most struggling day I’ve had at work for ages yesterday… I was meant to have early nights on Saturday, but didn’t, and then again on Sunday I was in bed early… and had every intention of crashing out by 9:30pm, but someone didn’t let me :p

So then I hit work yesterday. Get myself in a little early because I was supposed to have an 8:30am artic client (sometimes put a 30 minute appointment first thing for those speech kids who just need that little bit more monitoring on their homeprogram. That way they miss less school, and they take less time out of my day. And no, I don’t like after school appointments. Especially when I’m ratty, the child’s ratty and then the parent’s ratty too. We can always achieve lots that way) but they didn’t show up. Oh well, won’t see thejm until August now.

For a coupleof weeks now, I’ve not had any free appointments until August when I get back. I think my next free appointment is August 11 now. And not until the end of August for those who insist that they can only do after school. Some parents just don’t seem to understand that all the children my team sees are in school, and so no, not everyoe can fit into an after school appointment, even if I did offer them every day of the week. Which I don’t. And I’ve booked out my Monday afterschools next term with a stuttering client, and I think I’ll have another one on the way once I start in with my new assessments for the term.

(argh I hate when my toes randomly start tingling)

So yesterday was spent entering the diagnoses off all my kidlets onto the computer, and all the other info that needed to be on there by the end of the financial year (yes, the system crashed out at various points in the day). Today will be spent printing nots off the computer and filing them. And tidying my desk of all the other things I’ve neglected filing this year. Gah.

It’s amazing how much easier it is to get through when tired when you’re, say, bouncing around in group therapy sessions all day or out on the road visiting schools, but the second you sit in front of the computer, the reliance on coke and coffee just increases …

0.0 I can do it! (3 work days left).

Sleep? What Sleep?

Had a lovely weekend *grins*

I finally watched Fight Club on Friday night. Excellent movie (not partial to the beating in of heads, but you know, have to deal with it to get the rest of it). Can say that I’ve seen it :) And could return the DVD to a friend we’d borrowed it off way too long ago :p (Crush on Helena Bonham Carter has just grown)

Coming home to snuggle up and watch a DVD after gym, instead of hitting the Canberra Centre in search of the end of the sale bargains and to look for a new mobile phone for Rish.

Instead, we did that on Saturday… 4 hours worth of wandering later – I have a new pair of running shoes, Rish has the new Nokia 6220 to play with, and I had REALLY sore feet, and threw a little tanty *heh* Still managed to gym it up, though.

Was going to craash out for an early night but talked into heading out for coktails… I’m so easily persuaded! :) Nice to get out, though I was struggling to stay awake – not so good as I was the designated driver as Rish’s arm probably isn’t right yet for driving… 2:30 bed time.. :)

Had friends over for a BBQ lunch today, to catch up again before we head away. I lost both games of 500, with different partners :p WEll, we technically didn’t lose the last one, it never ended, so maybe we’ll rematch them when we get back from Europe :p (Do they still give out playing cards on airlines? I’d love another deck to add to my collection! I think I’ve heard of them being handed out on Emirates flights – I’ll have to ask :p)

And just now I’ve come back from the oval – sprints across the field with Rish *dies*

So, things hurt, haven’t had much sleep, but I’ve had a wonderful weekend (yes, I even got the washing done) and am ready to hit the four days I have remaining at wor before my holiday! *dances*

She just wants to snuggle

You know those Saturday nights that you realise are going to sit with you for the rest of the week? The ones where you’re heading to bed at sunrise, later than I get up half the week? Hit the bed at 6am today, and I can never sleep for long enough on those mornings, so went back to bed with a screaming headaache about 3. Now I’m wandering around the house in a blanket. Not because I’m that cold, though it is autumn for sure today, but because I like the snuggle.

It’s school holidays for two weeks! I don’t get a break, but I get to make less phone calls, playing phone-tag with teachers. It also means I can take some of my flex time off – going to have Friday off, getting my contact lenses trialled yay! Also getting my flu shot tomorrow morning.


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