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The Running Bug

So, the plan is to slowly increase my running time and distances until I can do 10km. Hopefully BEFORE May 8… This means some early mornings now that there’s not really light after work! Early cold mornings where I debate whether to wear long pants or shorts, jumper or not, putting contacts in early because…

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A Priest and an Athiest walk into a cafe

So, Rish is on a plane right now, heading to Malaysia. He left Sydney 2ish, so should get to KL about 10 my time… a couple of hours there, then he’s off to Frankfurt :) So didn’t want to leavce him at Sydney airport this morning – but I reasoned that it’s only a week…

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Sleep? What Sleep?

Had a lovely weekend *grins* I finally watched Fight Club on Friday night. Excellent movie (not partial to the beating in of heads, but you know, have to deal with it to get the rest of it). Can say that I’ve seen it :) And could return the DVD to a friend we’d borrowed it…

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