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Lazy weekend

Number 592 Travel :: lodge Glitz :: glamour Bark :: dog Wicked :: filthy Fifth :: gear Photography :: student Yellow :: brick road Counter :: balance Country :: of origin Speech :: therapy A quiet weekend of nail paint, bed building, sleep ins, slow cookery and wine. (My silverside recipe. Didn’t use the stock…

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Crispy Slow-Cooker Pork Belly with Paw Paw #aussiepapayapapaw

When a couple of delicious paw paws and papayas show up on your doorstep to play with, there are SO many options, such as these ones on the Australian Papaya site…. but this girl has to try her own thing. Even though the days have been unseasonably warm (tricking some plants into premature blooming), I…

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Winter Warmer: Moroccan Lamb Shanks

Place the following in a casserole dish in a slow (about 160) over for a couple of hours, or for the day in the slow cooker: 4 lamb shanks two tins chopped tomatoes tin chick peas tbs moroccan spices tsp garlic (or so!) Serve on polenta and baby spinach leaves. Nom. **************** Don’t forget to…

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Slow Cooker Silverside

A litre of chicken-style vege stock, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 4 tablespoons brown sugar, 5 cloves, a shake of thyme, a teaspoon or so of garlic. And veges and meat, of course! Measured out with the help of a friend! Ready to set! I didn’t end up putting the pumpkin in… the other…

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Slow-cooked Moroccan Lamb and Chick peas with Polenta and Baby Spinach

Throw all these in the crockpot in the morning: Tray of lamb – cut doesn’t really matter, just trim the fat and don’t buy the $40/kilo stuff! Tin of chickpeas, rinsed and drained Large tin chopped tomatoes. Or two smaller tins. 2-4 (? start small and build up) Tablespoons Moroccan seasoning. Teaspoon garlic (and some…

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Putting the Crock Pot to good use

Been making use of the hand-me-down Crock Pot as the days have gotten cooler. How old school awesome is it? :) It does mean I have to be a little organised to have the ingredients to chop and throw in before I leave for work… and my knife-skills are not as sharp at that hour!…

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