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Smirnoff Vodka Flavoured Sorbet Pouches

Oh yum!

Putting these  sorbets in the freezer. :)

At $6 each or 3 for $15, these Smirnoff freezies are a nice refreshing treat….

Lemon sorbet

The first one I tried was lemon, of course, and my favourite. There was a slight vodka hint, but otherwise this smooshie ice was delish and cooling.


I didn’t particularly like the raspberry one. It had the odd taste of melting frozen red cordial from your school drink bottle. Pass.

Mango sorbet

The mango was delightfully summery.

Tastes like frozen home brand apple poppers from my childhood

And the apple was tangy and sour! Yum!!!!

#bloodfail aka at least we got to have Noodles!

Wow. So I attempted to give blood earlier this month. Liz’s recap will show that 1/4 of us in attendance were successful! At least I now know my blood type (B Neg) and we got to eat noodles after at Wagamama!

SEPT2011 164

It was awesome to finally get to meet Liz, Laura and Leigh after all these online years!!

Started with some yummy juices while waiting for NOODLES!

SEPT2011 167

SEPT2011 168

SEPT2011 169

SEPT2011 171

I had the delish cold Vietnamese chicken noodles. Nomnomnom.

SEPT2011 172

yay! photo of photoing!

SEPT2011 174

Of course, given our valiant effort, Dessert was deserved. I went lychees with passionfruit sorbet and sake.

SEPT2011 177

Rah hit up the cheesecake.

SEPT2011 178

While Liz went bananas.

Shall have to organise my make up attempt soon. As should you all if you can –

If you need encouragement, read Ivy’s Story. x

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