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Naturally Caffeine-free Chai from RealChai

decaf Chai

So, you want the awesome flavours of Chai without the caffeine that comes with the black tea?

real Chai

Anthea from RealChai has a solution. Just package it up without the tea, and here to have a potent brew of Indian spices, great for winter warming, without the caffeine hit!


Simmer it away as per the directions with water and soy milk, then add honey to taste.

Yum! You can buy it online (along with regular and chocolate chai, as well as a Christmas blend at, well, Christmas), or at a bunch of awesome stores and markets in NSW and the ACT.


Soy Gelato from Casa del Gelato, Lygon St, Carlton

Global Atheist Convention 2012 Melbourne

This gelato has gotten even better since the first time I had it. Nom nom nom.

Global Atheist Convention 2012 Melbourne

Went there twice while in town for the atheist convention. Soy Baci, Soy coffee and soy hazelnut flavours. 5 for a small. Awesome.


Don’t forget to enter to win an awesome Shanalogic necklace!

Entries close midday, Wed 9th May!

Lunch at Raw Cafe, Hunter Street Newcastle

Raw Caef, Newcastle

There are two sites for Raw Cafe in Newcastle. One at the very est end of Hunter street, near the Backpackers’ accommodation, and the other inside the gym I’ve been frequenting while staying up here.

I stopped at the Hunter Street cafe for lunch this week, excited by their promise of a healthy chicken burger (grilled chicken breast fillet, cos lettuce, avocado, tomato and garlic aioli, with gluten free toast rather than a gluten full bun for me), with a side of chats instead of chips!

Raw Caef, Newcastle

And a very drinkable so latte.

Well done, boys! :)

Soy Gelato on Lygon

I was a very happy girl when I found soy based gelato on Lygon Street. I think I had coffee and hazelnut flavours. Nice to have them without then getting an upset stomach in return!

Melbourne November 2009 432

It had a slight different feeling on my teeth, but it’s easy to get through that because of the flavour!

Melbourne November 2009 433

Casa Del Gelato 163 Lygon St, Carlton Victoria.

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