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Don’t make me adult

Pretty Fkn Embroidery. You want it. So. I’m doing volunteer work that channels my skills as a speechie. And today I went to a meeting about learning support for my nephew. Werid dynamics there. Sure, I’ll do CELFs on the kids at school, just get me the $1k assessment to do it with. ;) IT’s…

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First appointment with the disability employment peeps

The appointment this morning was stressful, but because of the whole having to meet a new person and trying to understand what was going to happen next. I’m with a Disability Employment Services provider which means they can help me in more tangible ways than the regular Job Services Australia people could – especially since…

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Is your child’s speech and language developing okay?

First published at The Conversation How to tell if your child has a speech or language impairment By Elise Baker, University of Sydney and Natalie Munro, University of Sydney Babies are born communicating. Their cries and coos speak volumes. However, much-anticipated first words do not appear until 12 months later. By 18 months, the average…

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Happy Speech Pathology Week 2014 – Nation for Communication – 24 to 30 August.

Every day more than 1.1 million Australians have difficulty communicating. Speech Pathology Week runs from 24-30 August. The theme for the week is a ‘Nation for Communication’. Speech pathologists are aiming to make Australia a ‘Nation for Communication’ by increasing the understanding of communication disorders and how they impact on people’s lives. Sadly many people…

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