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Planning out my week

How is this not a plan? I have a few trips to the Central Coast and Sydney for appointments, Lady Gaga, and the Good Food and Wine Show… and maybe even seeing Ms Glowless to boot :) Do some running and bootcamp in there, then fly to Hobart for the Speech Pathology Australia conference, armed with gloves, hats and scarves, and running shoes, to find my speechie mojo and to see the lovely Foale ladies :)

Poker Face
Karaoke – Poker Face :)

Annie’s Last Paper Not Coming Out

From Live Toad

Annie’s Last Paper Not Coming Out

In a bizarre replay of Annie’s Coming Out (1980) the Department of Human Services is preventing Anne McDonald‘s oldest friend, Leonie McFarlane, from delivering a presentation in her memory.

Leonie’s case is to be taken to the Supreme Court today by Ron Meldrum, QC.

Anne McDonald and Leonie McFarlane were both admitted to St Nicholas Hospital as young children because they had severe cerebral palsy and couldn’t talk intelligibly. Anne left the hospital after winning a writ of Habeas Corpus in 1979, and went on to graduate from university and win a National Disability Award. Leonie remained in state care.

Early in 2010 Anne and Leonie developed a Powerpoint presentation comparing their lives in and out of state care. They planned to deliver the presentation together for the AGOSCI national conference on non-speech communication starting in Adelaide on 11 May – next Wednesday.

After Anne’s sudden death last October Leonie received a FaHCSIA-funded scholarship to attend the conference and deliver the presentation with the assistance of Anne’s carers – Rosemary Crossley and her partner Chris Borthwick.

All permissions were obtained and arrangements finalised with DHS on March 31. On April 21 DHS suddenly banned Leonie from attending the conference, and banned her from having any contact with Crossley and Borthwick. When questioned the Minister’s office said “there is no push at all from the department to stop this happening, rather the individual’s guardian has made the decision”.

On May 3 DHS admitted that Leonie, who is 48, does not have a guardian. Nonetheless the department and the Minister are continuing to pass the buck, with neither prepared to withdraw the bans.

Today Rosemary Crossley said “You cannot imagine how distressing this is, both for Leonie (who saw Anne as family) and for us. Anne fought for ordinary human rights for people with disabilities. It’s heartbreaking to discover that her struggle was in vain – that in 30 years the bureaucracy has learnt nothing about essential freedoms, and the right of all people to a life worth living.”

From what I have read online today, Leonie has now been prevented from further contact with Rosemary and Chris, and will not be allowed to present the paper in Adelaide, and it seems that those who have made the decision have deferred to the parents’ preferences. And from all accounts, Leonie is perfectly capable of making her own decisions should those with the power to listen choose to do so.

I don’t know all the facts, but I do believe that it is perfectly possible that the courts and DHS have chosen not to listen to Leonie as she does not talk.

Okay. Had to get that out there.

More on Anne at Deal.org.au

Edit 10/05 7pm – the age have picked up the story.

The King’s Speech

Lionel Logue was one of Australia’s earliest and more famous speech therapists (speech pathologist these days, at least in Australia), noted for his work with King George’s stutter. Techniques for therapy vary greatly these days, from more behavioural approaches, such as the Lidcombe Program for young children, to strategies, or altered speech patterns for adults. There are also support groups for adults, such as the Speakeasy Association who meet to practise speech strategies and public speaking.

In Australia, you can find a speech pathologist with an interest in treating stuttering through the find a speech pathologist function on the Speech Pathology Australia website. Early intervention is best – with the best outcomes for stuttering therapy using the Lidcombe program in the year before or the first year or so of school.

The King’s Speech will be released in Australia on Boxing Day, December 26

Confessions of a (Bogan) Speech Pathologist [yes, I’m from Tronno, and some days it shows]

October 2010 055
Graffiti at the Holder shops

There are days when:

  • After an afternoon at dropin, where I may have been trying to correct lisps all afternoon, my mouth gets tired, and I lisp a little myself.
  • That’s if I haven’t lost my voice by that time because I’m crappy with looking after my own voice, and never drink enough water when talking all afternoon.
  • Late in the afternoon, my th sounds sometimes revert back to f. Like saying teef instead of teeth. I’ve had little kids picking me up on it!
  • Okay, the bad one: When I stutter the start of a sentence in a stuttering therapy session. I’m not the only one. It just happens!

What about you? Are there things you suck at at times even though it’s supposed to be your job, and you spend your days trying to help people with that exact thing???

Communication just doesn’t come naturally to me!

On a related note – how cool are my new thongs? $2 from Woolies! Win!

Pink $2 thongs of awesome

(nail polish is an old Revlon one… can’t think of the name right now… but using it reminded me how much I love the wide OPI brushes!! The skinny Revlon one was so hard to use!)

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