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One for me, One for you – Support Kids heading back to school with Yoobi and The Smith Family

yoobi australia

The Smith Family is one of my favourite Aussie charities – They provide mentoring, tutoring and school supplies for disadvantaged kids around the country, aiming to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment.

Educational outcomes for children in Australia often reflect their personal backgrounds and circumstances rather than their potential.

Many factors that influence how well a child will do at school are outside of their control. The socio-economic status (SES) of their family, the education level of their parents, where they live, the school they go to and their cultural identification are all powerful predictors of their educational outcomes.

Children in disadvantaged communities are often starting school already behind their peers. Once at school, the gap is not closing. NAPLAN results consistently show young people in low-SES communities do not perform as well as their high-SES peers across all years in reading and numeracy. The Year 12 completion rates for young people from low SES areas are only 58% compared to 77% for those living in high SES areas.

The Smith Family’s programs increase school readiness and provide support to disadvantaged primary and high school students to close the gap and create greater educational equality.

How daunting must it be to be the only kid in a class without a pencil case and stationery, let alone the other items on ever lengthening booklists, or the teacher sending homework home to kids who don’t have the basics at home?

Aside from donating directly, another innovative way of giving is by purchasing your own back-to-school or back to the office supplies from the Yoobi Australia range that is available through Officeworks nationally.

What Yoobi will do is then match any purchases by giving school supplies to kids and classes that need it. While they are Aussie guys who started Yoobi, they’ve been running the Buy on Give one project in the US for awhile.

Hey look, they worked with Usher!

Bloggers United Australia Halloween Goodies Exchange!

I signed up for my first Bloggers United Australia gift exchange for Halloween, and I’m please to have made a new bloggy buddy in my partner – Natalie, AND given and received great parcels!

halloween exhange box

Check out my haul!


Funky stationery!

halloween exchange

Yummy beauty products!

And best of all?

Darrell Lee Balls!!!!!!



om nom nom

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