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Run, my baby. Run my baby. Run.

Ran outside today, from ANU union, past the dish and the colleges and to the boathouse where you can hire things and back. Feet hurt a little, and had to contend with the fluff, but it was lovely to get out. The hill was a killer! Needed it, after the presentation yesterday, and various other…

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Planning, Stress, AWOL, and a little Red Wine.

The organisation of my trip to Germany is taking shape, finally. We have flights to and from Vienna, I have train tickets for once we’re back in Frankfurt to Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin, and have started sorting out / looking at accommodation. Getting there. Still need to get back to Frankfurt from Berlin, but that…

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Carpark Counseling

You can tell when people have hit that point where they tip from “stretched” in their work – the busy, adrenalin-inducing pace that we tend to work well in – to “stressed”. Instead of the “stretched” 20-30 minute lunch breaks, they either become non-existent, or people will sit in the lunch room for the full…

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Visualise to Verbalise

During my supervision today, we were talking about not overloading at work, as in actually having the time to do anything (apparently my stats were down last month, which is a tad irritating given I felt like I was working so hard! Hopefully the couple of sick days weren’t taken into account and that might…

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