where to pick up?

It’s been two months since Rish and I split up. Long months? In a way. Short in others. Some terrible times. Some wonderful Slowly finding our spaces. I’ve moved to the Central Coast. Closer to work. Nice to have my own space. Striking a balance. Let’s start a fresh? A walk on the beach. Down […]

Good things

My sandwich today at Scope on Mount Stromlo Everyone else liked their food too. It’s good when things you organise work out. Shanalogic.com is having a huge sale. But I probably shouldn’t buy anything. You should, though. it’s all awesome. I’m in the process of organising a Nuffnang-sponsored canberra bloggers meet. Let me know if […]

A few things

I don’t like waiting on hold. Especially not on my mobile It’s a long weekend! Yay! The current status on my netbook is they’ve ordered a part Yes, I roll my eyes and try to bite my tongue with limited amounts of success what twitter hashtags like #prayforjapan appear. That clearly makes me a horrible […]