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Oh, Hello there, #Liptember!

So, as we know, September is awesome.


It brings Spring, and flowers, and blossoms and fairies.

But not everyone is in that good of a place all the time.

We have our moments. Whether we rage, or cry, or just dissolve.

Some people have worse moments. And need outside help.


One of the ways to get that is through Lifeline. Lifeline is a charity that provides some telephone counselling services for those at crisis or suicide point. They also have an online option for those needed to talk things out through chat.

So, they need money

One way is through Liptember – an excuse for girl who are a little loopy like me to pucker up in all sorts of colours to talk people into helping this important service.

I have some lippies…


If you wanna sponsor me … my link is

I promise a kiss to all who do (virtual or IRL)!


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide Prevetion

I really don’t feel like writing today, so here’s something I copied from Lifeline:

3 Steps You Can Take to Help Prevent Suicide

1) Ask
The biggest misconception about suicide is that you shouldn’t talk about it. In fact the reverse is true. Asking someone directly “Are you thinking about suicide?” will actually decrease their risk because it shows you care.

Don’t be afraid to do this, but make sure you ask directly and clearly.

2) Listen and stay with them
If they say ‘yes’, they are suicidal, listen to them and allow them to express how they are feeling. Don’t leave them alone. Stay with them or get someone else reliable to stay with them.

3) Get help
Get them to appropriate help. Call a crisis line like Lifeline 13 11 14 or 000 if life is in danger. If you can, get in straight away and visit a GP or psychologist. Even if the danger is not immediate they may need longer term support for the issues that led to them feeling this way.

Additional suicide prevention information and resources are available on our website at

Suicide Prevetion

Happy #Liptember!


Welcome to the month of something-bember! This Semptember, I’m taking part in Liptember to help raise funds for Lifeline and The Centre for Women’s Mental Health.


My family and I have quite the history of mental illness and suicide attempts and hospital stays through the generations… It’s not easy to talk about or seek help for, so I think the more service variations (such as emergency help lines, specialist counselling by diagnosis or well funded government services such as hospitals and generous Medicare funding of rebates and medications) the better.


So, you will be seeing me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook puckering up with my gorgeous PURPLE lippy trying to get you to donate ;)

I’m open to lippy dares (where would you like to see my lip-print? On an orange? On your cat? I’ll do a lot for $5!) and taking photos for shoutouts and the like :)


Happy Liptember!

Liptember Lippiues

(Wanna buy your own Liptember Lippy? Hit up Chemist Warehouse in person or online. There are the brights [red, yellow, green, blue, purple] for $4.95, a selection of pinks (also $4.95), and a few more premium lippies like the Liptember Berry I got last year for $9.95 that are great for daily wear [it’s my current fave!!])



Firey Flowers

I think I judge my emotions too much, rather than just letting myself feel what I feel, and when someone dies, that’s always one of the more confronting times to over-think your emotions, your reactions.

When older people die, I react more to the pain of the people around me than any overly strong emotions about the person’s death. Yes, I was sad when my grandfather died, but his gradual decline over the few years leading up to it, and spending the last 6 months in hospitals made it a matter of when. Preparedness.

Same with my uncle who we lost overnight. A stroke a year ago maybe really put him out of action. And it’s been little chips away since. And so the goodbyes were expected to happen, sometime in the near future at least. Right now the biggest feeling is guilt, around not being there for people as much as I would have liked to have been.

My aunt, back at the end of first year uni, was a different story. Her daughter, finding her 40 year old mother unresponsive, ran to our house (down the street), me mum and my father running down to hopefully help, but unfortunately not being able to. The people coming up to me at the funeral thanking me for my attempts to help made me uncomfortable. Discomfort was the biggest emotion that day. And the need to comfort and look after others.

I’m not sure if it’s that I shut down? That I don’t let myself cry? Or that I rationalised the tears away? Or I’ve already processed those emotions? I’m not sure.

The younger people, Cancer taking Amanda at 26, or the suicides of Tania and Karter within a month of each other, do they hit me harder because of my own fears around what could happen to me? Because I wasn’t close to those people. But the three deaths each really shook me. There was that sense of helplessness there. I don’t like to feel that way. Or is it just the shock?

Maybe when I’m old, when I start losing peers to age-related illnesses, maybe then those sorts of deaths will affect me more outwardly.

Or maybe by then I’ll understand my own emotional processes a little better.

Take care *hug*

lifeline – 13 11 14

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