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The Running Bug

So, the plan is to slowly increase my running time and distances until I can do 10km. Hopefully BEFORE May 8…

This means some early mornings now that there’s not really light after work! Early cold mornings where I debate whether to wear long pants or shorts, jumper or not, putting contacts in early because my glasses suck to run in, deciding whether to wear sunglasses even though the sun isn’t quite out yet. There are a lot of women’s sunglasses that so do NOT suit my face!

Case in point:

Free sunglasses with Marie Claire
(no, not these sunglasses)
(yes, I look like a bug)
(yes, my shoulders look WEIRD here)

But the running sessions need to be done, if I’m to not humiliate myself and to do my sponsors justice. ;)

I’m pleased to say that I have TWO sponsors for the fun run now, even if one of them IS my mum! ;) I’d of course love it if you’d contribute! It’s for a good cause! (and tax deductible! That’s like making the government donate!)

I need to get to bed earlier though if I’m going to be able to keep up with myself! I got up yesterday morning well enough, but my tummy wasn’t in the mood to be shaken around by early morning movement, so I wound up just doing one block on one block off – running for one block, then walking the next. Not a great session, but better than nothing. Plus I still needed to get home!!!


How do you convince yourself to get to bed early?

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