I was gifted these Banana Boat products to review

First, an earworm….

You’re welcome :p

Banana boat spray sunscreen

So, I got this cool spray on Banana Boat sunscreen to make sure I keep screening up in winter – and it’s so easy to apply – look!!

No messyness, no white stuff, smells alright too!

So why should you keep on sunscreening in winter? (aside from the obvious need to at the snow where it’s a MUST and you’ll still get goggle tanlines anyway!)

UV in Australia can still be pretty damn intense even when you’ve only got your face exposed to the elements. Any more than the 10 mins for vitamin b is still a bit much for pasties like me.
1400 people died from skin cancer each year in Australia.
Things like Sunscreen lip balms are amazing for keeping your lips from becoming cracked and ewie.
Even if you’re not prone to burning, protecting your skin from UV rays is helpful for holding back wrinkles and the like (experience lines, sure, but I’m for keeping them away a little longer, I still get carded dammit!)

Want to give this spray on sunscreen a try? I have two cans to giveaway to Australian based readers. Just follow the instructions in the Gleam giveaway widget below.

And enjoy that sunshine!

littlelioness.net Banana Boat Giveaway

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