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Sometimes all a girl needs is a nice cup of tea

Especially a T2 Blend! :) Plain peppermint is my staple, while Lemongrass and Ginger is my “I have a sniffle” tea (which I’m sadly out of! *sniffs*), and this Tummy Tea has just the right tastes. Though my poor little Tea Ball infuser has seen better days! ******** Congrats to Kirsty who won the Tangled…

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Coffee at Beyond Q Bookshop, Curtin

Need to restock your Penguin collection? Beyond Q is the place! Had some lovely coffee with Hannah the other day, exchanging stories about how our lives are rapidly changing and how we’re both handling (or not handling) the fear and anxiety that comes along with that. I’d not been into Beyond Q before, having walked…

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It’s Christmas in a Tin!

Canberra’s RealChai have just released TWO new chai blends… Caffeine Free and White Christmas! The Caffeine Free has a dandelion base rather than the black tea of the original. SOunds great for relaxing for those sensitive to caffeine! The White Christmas contains white Chocolate, cranberries & nutmeg… oh yum! No sweetening required! (Get in quick…

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