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So. June is here. This means a few things…

  • May is over.
  • I can write May off as a dumb month without a computer and with too much illness.
  • It’s winter. I can officially complain about it being cold.
  • Job applications are due. June 11. Now that I have my computer back I can write these sorts of things after hours. Like this weekend I can polish it up while we have a long weekend
  • Job apps will also mean job interviews. Blah! Gotta practice with my current and former supervisors
  • I can start anew a little at work. Did a mass of note-writing and stats on Friday, which means starting with a cleanish slate for May. Still not caught up on reports and programs, but I now have time and a stress-free brain which may be able to tackle those.
  • It’s half-way through term, which means only 5 more weeks til school hols :p Yes that means more work to do before then, but think I’ll get up to Sydney for part work (there’s a workshop I wanna go to) and part break (while Rish is at his own conference :p)…. though Queensland sounds more appealing right this minute. My nose is cold!


Things to do this year (or not-quite-resolutions)

  1. Improve my running: This includes doing more of it! Rish has changed my sticker reward chart (where he takes me out to dinner when I each a goal of some type) to taking me out to dinner each time I take a minute off my 5k run time. So I’m going to have to work hard this year! Interval runs on the treadmill, actually doing my Pump classes etc etc. There are many little things tied up in this – one thing leading to another, so aiming towards the time goals of running will help me to motivate myself for other things (like getting my food back on track!)
  2. No more chocolate from the chocolate jar at work: doesn’t mean I’m giving up on chocolate, I need it. I just need to stop having it at work!
  3. Continue learning Japanese: The plan is to do a course starting he end of February through ANU, but if it doesn’t run, I’ll get myself re-subscribed to podcasts and continue, but a little more independently. (anyone know of good Japanese learning websites? JapanesePod101 is one of the ones I’m thinking of using)
  4. Pick up a subject towards a Masters by coursework: It won’t happen until second semester, but that will give me time to investigate what the best options for me are. I know the developmental disability masters would be useful for my current job, at least, but finding out what else is out there, such as in education or health subjects would be good.
  5. Travel: I have a trip to Melbourne for a meeting the last weekend of January, I’m thinking of extending it so I have time to “be” in Melbourne for a couple of days, but I’m still umm-ing and ahh-ing about it… have til Friday to decide. I also want to visit Brisbane at some time… and try for a longer (well, longer than a weekend) break to somewhere… it’s looking like Queenstown, New Zealand for a snow holiday in August at this point. (Wouldn’t mind a warm trip in winter too! Anyone want to go to Queensland with me?)

I’m sure there’s plenty more that will come to me as I go along… And as I tick some off and change them around!

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