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Lunch Under $10 – Bahn Mi / Vietnamese Pork Roll, Charlestown

Bahn Mi, Vietnamese Pork Roll, Charlestown French Hot Bread Shop

There is a delicious Vietnamese Pork Roll available from the French Hot Bread shop on the Pacific Highway at Charlestown.

$5.50 gets you this beauty, with a great balance of soy and coriander, and a crunchy fresh roll.

I may have had two last week ;)

French Hot Bread
182 Pacific Hwy,
Charlestown NSW 2290
(02) 4942 2690

Lazy Eats for One

2013marchapril 229

mmm salty

I am still adjusting to this cooking for one business, and so here as\re a few of my fallbacks….

2013marchapril 387

Chicken salad, cheese sorj wrap. Low carb, high yum.

2013marchapril 131

Steak and the stuff in my fridge. Almost passing as Mediterranean, right?

2013marchapril 159

Noodles from Sapa, Wamberal, which is just at the end of my driveway.

Or cheese on toast. Whatever.

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