Packing (aka German weather in Spring looks like Newcastle in June)

Okay. Here is my itinerary in yahoo weather widgets. Towards the end my packing dilemma will be revealed. First stop, Vienna. Fly into Frankfurt Saturday with Malaysian Airlines, then hop straight onto an Air Berlin flight to Vienna. Were supposed to be meeting friends there, but they’ve pulled out… plans to date: apple strudel (for […]

Sunny Day

It’s a gorgeous spring day today…. tops of mid 20s for Canberra on the first day of October. You think it might hang around for the long weekend? It seems not… This is when I start being happy I’ll in Newcastle for the long weekend. Until I see the weather predictions there: erm. Okay. At […]

Ugly Duckling

What pleases you? :: chocolate Whatever :: and ever amen Chime :: when the clock strikes x Pleading :: guilty Simulate :: vitual insanity Flashing :: lights Directional :: movement Pink :: flowers Access :: all areas Ugly :: duckling (Mutterings) My seedlings are loving this alternating rainy and sunny weather, even if the rest […]