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Dan and Lavender’s Gold Coast Wedding

So, we’re sleeping in tents, there are cows and cane toads about, and the bride has a cast and a stubbie – welcome to the very Australia leg of an Australian-Chinese wedding…

Dan and Lavender's Gold Coast Wedding

Dan and Lavender's Gold Coast Wedding

Dan and Lavender's Gold Coast Wedding

A group of us made our way up to the Gold Coast from Canberra on the weekend of the 5th for a beachside/country wedding.


Hello Naomi, Cupcake Noice-ities

Full on weekend for Rish’s brother’s wedding – I’ll get to the pics and the posts when I get a chance!

But just quickly, I wanted to write up a post for the first week of Noice-ities…

If skill/talent was no object, what do you want to make?

I know it’s meant to be a craft answer, but how can I go past making beautiful cupcakes, like the ones Naomi made for the wedding, and the billions of other awesome ones she’s got photos up on on her Flickr Stream?

This is from the dessert table she did for the engagement party last yer. Completely awesome! And something I’ll never be skilled enough to do ;)

Naomi’s cupcake business is Hello Naomi, and she also is involved with scissors.paper.cake, a party-styling business. Enjoy! :)

A Trilingual Wedding

How do you incorporate a Polish groom, a Japanese bride, their family and friend into an Australian wedding?

Radek and Mayu's Wedding
(Peace fingers!)

For starters, the service was at a Polish Catholic church, in English and Polish.

Had to the get pic
At one stage all five Japanese girls were snapping away.

Radek and Mayu's Wedding
The bridesmaids wore Kimonos.

(Then the Polish relatives feed the guests up on cakes.)

The you head up to the top of red hill to On Red, with its gorgeous view of Canberra, provide Sake on the table, serve Polish vodka through the night, do all the speeches in English and Japanese. Oh and serve New Zealand wine. Cos that’s the Australian thing to do ;) (Australia loves its Marlborough Sav Blancs)

Radek and Mayu's Wedding

But what am I going to wear? ;)

The invitation for Rish’s brother’s wedding came this morning, complete with butterflies, ribbons, and a “dress formal – black tie” note after the RSVP information.

Marcel and Liz's Wedding Invitation

I’m told each invitation is different, and saw some of the photos of them last weekend.

I still have to figure out what to wear to the wedding I’m going to tomorrow before I can worry about this one!

Something I Ate

One of those nights where you get home and suddenly it’s “change of plans”… ugh.

Anyway. It’s a good excuse to have a relaxing night, get my book finished (I’m reading “The hour I first believed” by Wally Lamb), and drink a heap of peppermint tea. I love peppermint tea :) Best herbal tea EVER!


Full on weekend. Went to Newcastle for an engagement party, too many people packed into such a short time.

Question time: What’s the purpose of an engagement party?

I’m still gathering my thoughts on this one. Plus, what’s the “deal” with engagement presents? From what I saw on Saturday night, they seem to be the same as wedding presents. Only half the people will be also going to the wedding and will have to think of something else to buy in 12 months. And how to people go about choosing them, particularly as couples are often living together anyway if they’re getting married, and in some cases appear to have a fully stocked house already…

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just don’t ‘get’ a lot of the things to do with engagements, weddings and marriage in general.


So I’m resting up tonight – we have a friend coming to stay from Wed – Monday, so that’s going to be full on – Canberra, possibly the coast and/or the mountains. Fun fun fun. But I need to be healthy, hey? :D

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