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Starting the Farewells to Canberra – Internerds Breakfast at Scope Mount Stromlo

Lisa and some crazy girl with a mouse beanie. Photo stolen from Karen :D

Headed up to Scope Mt Stromlo on this wild and wintery morning to meet Karen, Stu, Lisa and Chris for Breakfast. Leaving Canberra is a great excuse to catch up with some of my Canberra internet besties!

Scope Mt Stromlo - Farewell Breakfast
Cute macchiato!

In a case of WHOA CANBERRA IS TOO SMALL, Stu and Chris used to work together… 0.o

Scope Mt Stromlo - Farewell Breakfast
Soy latte :D

We got into the coffees and breakfasts… Again stoked by the gluten free options and the fact that there’s no extra change for decaf or soy :D

Scope Mt Stromlo - Farewell Breakfast
Rish popped along for a Mocha.

The breakfasts all went down well, while we chatted about “Weston Creek gossip”, travel (Japan and the US mostly) and where and where not to eat in Canberra. Karen told me that the area I’m moving to is wonderful, which is always reassuring :)

Scope Mt Stromlo - Farewell Breakfast
The Big Breakfast.

Lisa and I bemoaned the fact that the cafes at coolo don’t offer gluten free options (their loss, I suppose) despite being asked over and over. Discussion of the pros and cons of A Bite to Eat in Chifley also ensued.

Scope Mt Stromlo - Farewell Breakfast
Vege Breakfast

I got rather jealous of the others who had been to Japan… one day! Might not make it in before 30, but then I might! Keep saving!

Scope Mt Stromlo - Farewell Breakfast
Big Ben

The gusts of wind made the building shudder at times…. good day not to be in a plane…. or wearing a shirt outside for that matter ;)

Scope Mt Stromlo - Farewell Breakfast
Gluten free toast and jam.

We could see the snow on the hills in the distance, and felt the chill every time the door opened. Canberra, I will miss you, but not the cold air through to my bones!

Thanks again for coming everyone!
Further recap by Karen :D

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