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On Phone Interviews

Hell Hole Wine
Hell Hole??

I had two job interviews by telephone yesterday, and just lined up a couple more for the coming weeks today.

The one I had first up went well, but I didn’t get the contract…. we’ll see about the other one.

Stasi Museum
Stasi Musem Phone East Germany

I both like and hate phone interviews. One thing is, they seem to expect better answers. You get chances to clarify, but then they don’t get to see whether you’re shaking in your boots or not.

Awesomely modern phone
Old Parliament House Phone, Canberra

Have you ever done a phone interview for a job? What was better and what was worse than F2F?

Where DID the time go?

I went shopping for a job interview outfit today. Because I’m a few sizes too big for all my old work clothes now, and because mum said she’d get me something so that I had it ready today. We shopped at Target, and she came out with pants, and I got a skirt, blouse and tights…. I was so close to buying the matching jacket, but that is so not me. *heh*

So, where did the last four months go?

December was a chaotic Hell and while the time since has flown, it seems a lifetime away.

Where has it gone?

What have I done?


The next step

So I am seriously. consciously, applying for jobs.

i’m a speech pathologist with 9 years experience working with school age children with delays, disabilities (Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disabilities etc). I’m fairly awesome when it comes to supporting the inclusion of kids in both mainstream and specialist education settings. I’m also great with language impairments, motor speech disorders like dyspraxia, and love working with kids with dyslexia and other literacy issues because there’s so much some coaching in phonological awareness can help!

I want to work in or near Newcastle because that is where my support base and family are located….

Consider this a putting myself out there post


Fiona Moore
CPSP. B SpPath, M. Inclusive Ed. Awesome.

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