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The next step

So I am seriously. consciously, applying for jobs. i’m a speech pathologist with 9 years experience working with school age children with delays, disabilities (Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disabilities etc). I’m fairly awesome when it comes to supporting the inclusion of kids in both mainstream and specialist education settings. I’m also great with language impairments,…

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Back to it

Where do I start? I’m still looking for a job. Part time, preferably. For my sanity. I re-enrolled in uni. Master of Applied Linguistics. Which means relearning Syntax. And how to write essays. I still live with my parents, and my sister and her kids. Which I’m grateful for after we nearly lost her last…

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Careful, she bites

“Fiona!!!” Another day, another ruckus. A kid is melting down, taking the class and teachers with him. Strength in numbers, separating some kids, shuffling those around that can deal with it. Some one on one time with whoever is available. I hold the girl’s hand in the playground. Not letting her go, not near the…

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Weary, but Ok

I woke up well enough. With my alarm, 6am, out of bed for a walk. The sleepiness set back in after that, battled off with trusty caffeine. Which sent me buzzing a mile a minute. Churning through visuals, making up feelings boards, supports for Where is the Green Sheep?, flap visuals for Where’s Spot? Making…

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I cashed a cheque today. I know, I didn’t realise that was still a thing!

I didn’t go to the beach today. Instead, I spent the day between the dining table and the balcony. Nerding away, blowing my nose repeatedly, and continuing to curse that my brain bounces against my skull as I cough and it hurts. And I also watched some more Puberty Blues. Yeah, a bit of a…

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